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Socializing ( #atozchallenge )

Socializing PTHS
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        Rarely in a dream am I alone.  There are almost always at least a few companions present and typically I will encounter many people in my dreams.   We may not all engage in any lasting interactions within the dreams, but usually everyone seems to be aware of my presence as I am of their being a part of the dream.  The entire dream cast seems to be socializing on one level or another.

         These social interactions are not usually parties--though at times they are like parties--but they tend to be more like events with large gatherings of people or work environments.    I can usually see people near and far going about doing various activities and interacting with each other.   Likewise, I will interact in a social context with those whom I encounter in the dreams.

          Most of the time my social interactions in dreams are on a friendly or positive level.  Occasionally there will be a relative indifference in the same way two people might exhibit in passing on a street without any acknowledgement of the presence of the other.   There have been some instances of confrontational or belligerent encounters, but fortunately these have been rare and in most cases these will end up in a mode of reconciliation where all parties leave on a positive note.

          My socializing in dreams may reflect my desire to engage in more social activities during waking time.  Sometimes the socializing merely exists to create a setting for some other message that is not specifically socially related.   The fact that most social encounters in dreams are positive or end with a positive feel tells me that I have a relatively healthy outlook toward others.

            Who do you interact with in your dreams?   Do you ever have dream arguments or confrontational situations?    Have you ever attended a party in your dreams?

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  1. Suffice to say these nights I dream of family problems which get all mixed up and awaken feeling more tired than when I went to bed.


  2. I dream a lot about my college days or at least being back in the dorms and socializing. I dreamt about it last night in fact, except my fiance' was in the dream as was his daughter.

  3. I argue a lot in my dreams. A LOT. Funny thing is that I've never been able to yell, no matter how hot the argument becomes. At the moment I start to raise my tone, I lose my voice. Yeah, the implications are vast.

  4. I have dreams about interactions I should have had. It's like replaying a scene and saying and doing what I wished I had said and done.

  5. Yvonne -- You need to focus on some more positive thoughts especially before going to sleep. Look beyond your current problems in some way. I know it's probably easier said than done.

    JoJo -- This topic will be coming up for the letter "U" when I talk about University dreams.

    Al -- You bring up an issue about vocalizing in dreams that I'll probably talk about here eventually.

    Gloria -- Ah yes, the replay scenario. Does it help you resolve any issues?



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