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Zoo ( #atozchallenge )

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A black bear in the Great Smoky Mountains, in the U.S. state of Tennessee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
        Well, this is strange.   At the beginning of the Challenge I scheduled my letters and used 'zoo' for 'z'.  I have not had many dreams about zoos, but it was the 'z' word I could think of since I don't recall ever having a zombie dream.  Then, on Sunday morning April 28th, I had a truly epic zoo dream

         I can't say that my scheduled topic had anything to do with my having this dream.  I suppose it probably did, but it came all too easily.  In this post I will recount that dream:

        I am in a park-like area that I know to be a zoo, but it does not look like any zoo I've ever seen before.  At first I don't see any enclosures, but I do begin to start seeing a few animals that seem to be roaming free.  As I begin to look around I do see a few enclosures with animals in them, but over all my reaction is that this is a zoo with very few animals.
         Then I find myself on a scenic loop road. At times I seem to be in a vehicle, but mostly I seem to be on foot.  The place seems like a natural habitat wild-life park, but I sense that I am on the Cades Cove Loop Road in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.   I see various animals now and then.  They mostly seem to be roaming free.
          At some point I find myself at an area where there are refreshment stands.   There is a stage in a theater and I see Dolly Parton there.  I don't recall what she is doing.  Then I am in some sort of building or enclosed area where there are many men.  I realize they are prisoners.  I also come to the realization that I am a prisoner here.
          The zoo and the prison all seem to be one with animals roaming freely and very tough looking prisoners mingling about.  I feel somewhat scared feeling as though I may be in danger in this place.  As the dream progresses I find myself blending in with the prisoners and making friends.  At some point it is meal time and we are taken aboard a bus or tram to a food court type of place that is in the midst of the zoo.  We go to eat.   I revel in the realization that this prison is not such a bad place and it's just part of the zoo.

          Okay, that was a strange dream.  There was much more to it that I can't remember.  The amazing thing is that I started dreaming not long after I had fallen asleep on Saturday night.  I woke up about five times to go to the bathroom and each time I returned to bed the same dream would continue.  I guess I was very intent to dream about a zoo!

          Anyone want to venture an interpretation on this dream?   Have you ever dreamed about a zoo?   Have you dreamed about prison or being incarcerated?  

       My A to Z Reflections Post for A Faraway View will be posted this coming Thursday May 2nd.   The Linky List for the Reflections Posts will be available on Friday May 3rd at most A to Z Co-host blogs (Thursday Night on some blogs).   Be sure to do your own Reflections Post and add the link for that post to the official list.  We want to hear about your experience with A to Z and any ideas you might have for the future.   For more info please visit Blogging from A to Z Challenge Blog

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  1. Wonderful Z word for the last of this successful challenge.
    No I don't dream of Zoo or prison.


  2. Awesome dream and a great post. I have followed these posts and the Tossing It Out blog all alone, but often didn't comment (because I really wasn't participating). IMO, this is the best dream post this month, but then I like when you or anyone talk about 'actual' dreams.
    Thanks for a great ride.

  3. Wanted to let you know I've listed my 26 favorite blogs from the Challenge, including yours. Stop by www.widowsphere.blogspot.com and see

  4. It is interesting how your dream morphs from animals to being part of a prison gang to being part of the zoo, and seeing safety ahead. I think that means you can think your way out of a problem.

  5. Yvonne -- Not sure why I do.

    Faraway -- I like doing the dream accounts too. Problem is I don't record enough of them in detail. I could go back into my journals to get more.

    Thelmaz-- Thank you so much for the recognition.

    Susan -- Fortunately nearly all of my dreams take a positive turn. I hope that's a good sign.



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