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Paper ( #atozchallenge )

News Paper Origami Dragon Monster
News Paper Origami Dragon Monster (Photo credit:
        There have been a few dreams that I have had concerning things that are made out of paper.  These might include stamps, books, letters, and newspaper.  There is usually little that is notable about these dreams other than a sense of flexibility and fragility to the paper items.  The paper may also represent something that is inexpensive or cheaply made--not up to expectations.

     One example I will cite is a dream that my friend Marvin told me that he had when we were in high school.   This dream has always stood out in my memory.

         First to give some back ground, a TV commercial at this time (around 1968) used to advertise a product called the "TrimComb".   This gadget was a comb with a blade built into it so that it could be used to trim one's hair while combing it.  According to the commercial it could also be used to trim beards and mustaches.  As ads typically will do, this gadget looked pretty handy.

         One morning prior to math class Marvin told me that he had dreamed that he had ordered the advertised TrimComb.  When he received it in the mail he was disappointed because it was made of paper and he knew it would quickly wear out and he would have wasted his money.

          Paper can often  be a very temporal item that doesn't last long.  When I dream of something made of paper it may be something that might be desirable to me, but I know it may not last.  These dreams may represent something  or some circumstance that I feel is fragile and have uncertainty about.

           If I dream that something is written down on paper, the symbology may have flexible meaning depending on what the nature of the writing was.

           Have you had any dreams where paper was involved?    What were the items that were made out of paper?  What has been written down in your dreams?

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  1. The only dreams of paper I get is the sort of paper that has The Queens Head on it, namely money.


  2. Wonderfully creepy picture and a fascinating post about paper's meaning in dreams. Sorry I can't oblige with a great story. I only lament the death of newspapers, but at least an origami dragon is a great way to go!

  3. What a great theme. However, it would be way difficult for me since I rarely remember my dreams. Keep dreaming. Stratoz goes from A to Z


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