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Case O' Guns
Case O' Guns (Photo credit: Gregory Wild-Smith)

           Since guns are not a big part of my waking life other than seeing them in movies or hearing about them in news reports, I do not dream about them very often.   When I do have dreams that include guns they may appear more in the sense of a prop used within the dream story.  The dreams where guns appear are often cinematic with a contiguous story line involving action and threatening forces.

           The symbolism of the guns is power, but the context of that power depends on whether the guns are being used offensively or defensively.  The dreams about offense usually have the strongest stories and are more cinematic, while the dreams in which the purpose of the guns are for defense are more ambiguous and disconnected and often with an overriding sense of unseen threats.

          When I am wielding a firearm in an aggressive manner, I am usually part of a rebel group or army fighting against some invading or oppressive power.  I may be wearing a uniform and I usually am with a group of others with whom I am allied.  There will sometimes be a romantic interest by my side.

           The aggressive dreams seem to symbolize my desire to "fight back" in waking life or stand up for some cause or situation that I am in.   Perhaps these dreams may be the result of something I had felt on the previous day or something that I anticipate feeling on a future day.  These are dreams of confidence and even epic heroism.  The guns in these dreams represent my power or ability to take charge of a situation.

           The dreams of defense are often more passive and fearsome.   I may be in hiding or trying to elude an unknown pursuant.   The dreams are often shadowier and in more closed surroundings.  I may wake up from these dreams with a sense of fright or apprehension.

           Considering the negative aura of the dreams about defending myself leads me to believe that I am experiencing a dream concern about a problem in waking life that I feel may be threatening my well-being physically, mentally, or emotionally.  The gun represents my potential to address these problems, but I am reluctant to use this force.

            Do you ever dream about guns?   What do guns represent to you in waking life?   What do you think they signify in dreams?

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  1. No, I don't dream of guns, I think I would be frightened if I did.


  2. No, never dreamed of guns, though I did buy one recently...a rifle, that is. To me guns signify, "So? You think you wanna rob me? I don't think so."

  3. The only time I dreamt about them was when I lived in a weird apartment in San Rafael, CA - I blogged about the recurring dreams I had almost nightly about being trapped inside and people outside shooting, then kicking in my door and chasing me down the hallway with their guns till I was trapped in the bedroom. The dreams ceased once I moved.

  4. Oddly enough, last night's dream was about using a gun. Strange dream, without any thread.

  5. I don't think I ever have guns in my dreams but my husband dreams of people shooting at him all the time. I wonder what that says about him?

  6. Yvonne -- It's not a common dream for me.

    Em-- A rifle would make an intruder a bit less intrusive.

    JoJo -- That was an unusual dreaming circumstance, but I think the symbolism seems pretty clear.

    Susan K -- Hmmm. Maybe your dream was predicting my post?

    Susan G -- Gun dreams may be more inclined toward male dreamers.


  7. Hummmm... I don't think I have dreamed of guns before. I like the idea that they would represent being able to take charge. I wouldn't go down without a fight.
    A to Z buddy
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  8. No, guns hold no place in my waking or sleep lives. The few times I've faced guns in real life were in dangerous situations and I was just an observer thank goodness.

  9. I don't tend to remember my dreams. I'm not a big fan of guns...having just moved from the UK to CA worry about all the gun shows I see signs for. Is it just me!

  10. I don't remember ever dreaming about guns. But I have always had very vivid dreams with a lot of imagery. I often look the images/colors, etc., up to see what my dreams might be telling me about what is going on in my head and heart! Very interesting blog you have here. :)

  11. Connie -- Yeah, I don't want them to represent anything violent and there's never a violent sense to those dreams.

    Zoe -- I'd be happy never to encounter a gun in waking life.

    Rowena -- I live in L.A. and haven't seen that many gun shows advertised, but then maybe I'm not paying attention. Never been to a gun show, but there are some other shows I'd like to go to.

    Melody -- I hope you will come back now and then and add your thoughts.



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