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Cuba building
Cuba building (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

         When I refer to "buildings" this does not include houses.  My "H" topic will be houses.  Buildings in my dreams are typically there as scenery or setting.   They are like the empty structures of a movie set and serve no actual function.  I often don't enter the buildings in my dreams, but merely see them.

          Since the buildings often look old and somewhat familiar, I believe that these buildings represent memory or past.  They are in the dreams to create a certain sense of comfort or normalcy, yet they evoke something in my mind that reminds me of other times and places in my life.

         Sometimes seeing these buildings instill me with an eerie feeling that may be related to deja vu or an apprehension of the unknown.   The buildings and surrounding areas are oftentimes unpopulated and desolate which adds to an ambiguous notion of fear.

         If during the dream I do enter a building, it is often very large with hallways that seem endless, many mysterious rooms, and old rickety interiors.    All of this would lead me to believe that the buildings represent the inner recesses of my mind or memory and my past history.

       What kinds of buildings do you see in your dreams?   Do you go inside of buildings in dreams?   What do you find if you do enter a dream building and how do you feel?

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  1. I can relate to buildings with a dejavu feeling. My health centre just along the road from me belonged 200 yrs ago to Percy F. Shelley son of poet Percy Byshee Shelley and Mary Shelley. the theatre which was attatched to the manor still stands and is being renovated. Percy jnr. guests included Lord Byron, Keats and Robert Louis Stephenson to name but a few. When I visit the health centre going up the old staircase one can imagine grand ocaasions in by gone years. quite errie. By the way The whole of the Shelley family is buried in our local church here in Bournemouth.


  2. during horror movies I'm always saying - don't go into the buildings... but I really want to tell you to go into yours :)

  3. Buildings and houses always seem to feature in my dreams. Especially that one that I refer to as 'creepy house' or the house that has 'creepy room'.

  4. What an interesting subject for the A to Z. Buildings in my dreams have not been important to me. After I wake up, I try to connect to the people or animals I dreamed about.

  5. I haven't dreamed about buildings for a while, but when I do, I am re-visiting an old building where I once lived. It is drastically changed. There is always a door that I did not remember from my time there. When I open it, the room is filled with antiques and things of value. I always wish I had known about that room, and opened that door when I lived there.

  6. I hardly dream of buildings, but once I did, and I was trying to get into one through a tunnel and I was too big for it, and the space too small. Clearly, I have issues :P
    Very interesting post!

  7. What a great topic for the A to Z challenge. Our culture doesn't pay enough attention to symbology and your blogs on this will be very interesting to follow.

  8. Huh, it's weird but I don't think I have buildings in my dreams. Mostly people and scenery. Now I want to nap so I can see if I remember any buildings.

  9. I find myself back in my old high school a lot- hmmm.. what does that say about me?

  10. Yvonne -- This sounds like an interesting building.

    Ida -- I really should start going inside the buildings but then maybe I'd just find that they really are just fake shells like in a movie set.

    JoJo -- I think all structures in dreams typically have an eerie feel to them.

    Inger -- Same here. The buildings are often just the stage setting for the dream.

    Susan -- That sounds like an intriguing room to explore.

    Udita -- Hmmm--now that is an interesting dream dilemma.

    Vicki -- And I think we each have personal symbologies that we should try to understand. Ours may be the same as others, but I don't think something like a dream dictionary defines symbols for everyone in the same ways.

    Kerri -- I'm thinking that the buildings are there, but they aren't integral symbols to the dream story being told.

    Melanie -- Actually I think this is very common. I dream about high school and college a lot and I've heard others say the same. They are important parts of our lives.


  11. I don't generally remember my dreams unless they're exceptionally weird, and even then I don't remember them clearly. I want to think work pops up a lot?

  12. What an interesting question. I don't think I'm ever in buildings - or notice them in dreams. It's always about people... What a fun topic! I enjoyed visiting your blog. Please come by http://citymusecountrymuse2012.blogspot.com/ We are pretty new and hoping you will like us enough to sign up!

  13. Most recently I had a dream about the old derelict Gothic convent down the end of the road I've now moved to. It seems the perfect place to dream about, a real Gothic mansion. In llast nights dream, I was painting it's walls!

  14. The most bizarre "building" I dreamt of was a half building and half parking garage in the mist of demolition. I was frantic to drive out of it and woke up freaked out. None of it made sense but scared the bajeebies out of me nonetheless.

  15. Glad I found you - doing a hop around. Will be doing a blog on Dreams tomorrow. Buildings are significant in dreams ... and of what they are constructed and if there are basements or towers or whatever - their shape as well, circular etc ...
    Looking forward to your next post!

  16. I may not remember dreams now but your post reminds me of regular dreams I had when I was a teenager. I would dream about the same town over and over again. One time I woke up in the middle of the dream and remembered the name of the place on one of the building advertisements.

    In the morning I looked it up in an Atlas and it was the name of a place in America (while I live in Australia). I wish I could remember the name of that place now as I would definitely put it on the list of places to visit!

  17. I can't wait for H!
    Although I do dream about all manner of buildings, I have one particular recurring dream about houses that I want to see if you cover, since I've been able to relate to so many of your dream descriptions so far.
    Great blog - loving it!

  18. I sometimes have a dream that I find a whole new, and exciting, extension to my existing house only I have to crawl through a small hole to get to it. It's being dissatisfied with what I've got I suspect.

    Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain


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