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    Cars are very common in my dreams undoubtedly because of all the time I've spent in cars.  Cars represent movement, relocation, and control.

        One very common dream scenario involves me driving on a highway.  Suddenly I begin to lose control of the car.  The car will begin to careen and skid, heading toward what might be a terrible accident.  In these dreams I feel frightened and helpless at first, but I always manage to gain control of the vehicle.  This type of dream probably relates to a current fear that I have in my waking life.  The dream shows me that I am capable of avoiding disaster and being in control of my circumstances.  This is probably a dream of reassurance.

        Another car dream involves me losing my car in a parking lot or elsewhere.  Sometimes I find it, while other times I merely get distracted by other events in the dream and looking becomes something of less concern for me.   In these scenarios the car represents my means of mobility or a certain sense of power over my own affairs.   Losing that power can leave me feeling helpless, but in dreams like the latter there might be other issues at hand in my waking life that make that need for power or control of less consequence.

        In a final type of car dream there is something in my car or another car.  This thing might be hidden or in the open.  For example it may be something as simple as groceries in the back seat, while in other dreams it could be something like a dead body in the trunk.  The meanings of these dreams would depend on the objects in the car and how the presence of those objects affect me in the dream.  Generally speaking I would guess that these objects represent some sort of fear or other emotional baggage that I feel that I need to rid myself.

        What happens in your dreams about cars?   What do cars represent to you in your waking life?   Do you ever dream of being in a car accident?

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  1. Good post to read Lee, I don't seem to dream about cars, not being a driver I suppose cabs are my way of travelling.


  2. Vehicles are frequently in my dreams. The other night I was driving a HUGE monster truck w/o s seat belt - Several times over the past year, I have had dream issues involving who is actually driving the car I sm in -I tend to go with the notion that cars are about control and the ego. I don't recall dreaming of car accidents but I do remember being in an out of control car (life?).

  3. Can't say that I've dreamt about cars. Ships/boats yes, trains too.

  4. Some of my most stressful dreams have to do with finding my car parked somewhere in a big city. I have to walk blocks and blocks, go up stairs, through stores, and sometimes I find my car. Sometimes my husband John finds me and takes me to my car.

  5. Okay, so here's my theory. I think you were conceived in a car and so it is built into your psyche deep down.

    I've never had a car dream. As far as I can remember, I've never even ridden in a car in a dream. Though considering my parents were awfully young when I was conceived, maybe I have this backward and it was ME who was conceived in a car and so all MY car dreams have already been fulfilled and you need to fill that car need self-consciously... erm...

  6. I've been dreaming about cars more and more often recently. Usually they're morphing from one model to another; and I'm usually not the one driving.

  7. Before I started driving I had dreams I was driving and I'd either be in the backseat and couldn't get to the pedals, or after starting in the front seat, I'd slowly float(?) away from the car above and out, still steering, but slowly losing sight of where the car was below...

    Eek. Definitely following your blog. Love the topic.

  8. Interesting, I can't say I have ever had a dream with a car in it - perhaps as a teenager. Ships on the other hand I have had some very strange dreams about... not finding my ship

  9. I frequetly dream about losing my car. Today I actually did lose it for a while. I misplaced it in a parking garage.

    Signed up to follow.

  10. Many many years ago, I dreamt about crashing my car. There was an unknown passenger in the car.

    A couple of months later I was driving along and I heard a voice tell me to put my seatbelt on. I slowed right down and put my seatbelt on and then about 5 kilometres down the road my car and I were upside down in a drain after rolling a couple of times. Having my seatbelt on was the only thing that saved me.

    I can't explain it but I am glad that I listened to that voice and no it wasn't a voice in my head. It seemed like someone was in the car beside me. That unknown person like in my dream!

  11. Apologies I'm reading these post in reverse order and my comment on the Exit one is more relevant to this one. I only just discovered these posts so I'm hopping around trying to catch up.

    Yes I dream about losing my car but I also dream about not being able to steer the car, the foot controls are out of reach and I'm careering down a hill. I'm starting to think that I'm a bit neurotic!!

    Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain


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