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The University of Sydney, established in 1850,...
The University of Sydney, established in 1850, is the oldest university in Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
      Since I spent over five years of my life attending classes at two different universities, it makes sense that I would still have dreams about this very significant time of my life.   The university years were very influential in shaping who I've become and providing an ongoing schedule of activities that has ingrained itself on my memories.  If I did not have occasional dreams about university life I would be very surprised.

         In these dreams I am usually in class with typically a sort of discourse setting in progress.  There is rarely a pressured feeling in the sense of having to take a test or have a paper due.  Usually the setting is more social and often has something to do with a female student that I am trying impress or already involved with.   The feel of these dreams is intellectual, philosophical, comfortable, and sometimes sexually charged.

         Apparently when I have these types of dreams I am at relative peace in my waking life.  I may be remembering good times where I felt relaxed and content with my life.   In some cases, the dreams might be representing a longing for the feeling evoked by that type of environment.  My sense upon awakening usually relates to a need to do something mentally stimulating or to work more on my writing.

          University dreams are very positive.  They either strongly influence my day ahead or deeply reflect my attitudes of preceding days.

          Do you dream about college days?   What are your dreams concerning academic environments about?   Have you ever dreamed about problems with taking a test or not having a due paper ready?

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  1. I left school at 15 so didn't go to college or university.Very much enjoyed your post.


  2. I dream about college frequently, but usually it's the dorm setting. It's funny but I went my first 2 years at a small Catholic college in Maine and my last 2 years at a performing arts college in Boston, lived in the dorms at both schools, yet when I dream about college, it's ALWAYS St. Joe's, never Emerson. Some Emerson friends might be in the dream but the setting is always the girl's dorm in Maine.

  3. After spending 20 years teaching, my dreams always always end up with that. Last night I was dreaming about clothes and a big party, but had to leave to drive a bus of students on a field trip.


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