Thursday, April 11, 2013

Juggling (#atozchallenge 2013)

Me juggling
       Having been raised in a family that performed as professional jugglers and spending a good portion of my adult life working as a professional juggler on my own, it only makes sense that I would often dream of juggling and being in the circumstance of getting ready to perform or being onstage.

        My mother often tells me that she will dream that she and my father are doing their juggling act and she is having difficulty holding onto the juggling props, dropping them frequently.   She tells of when my father was in his last days at the hospital and under the influence of morphine.  One night, she told us, he awoke and thought it was time to go onstage to do their juggling act.

         I rarely engage in actual juggling in my dreams, but I frequently dream that I am supposed to be going on stage to perform a juggling act and I am not prepared.  Sometimes I can't find my props or locate the costume I am supposed to wear.  Often I just get sidetracked by other things that are going on around me.  I may start doing something else or forget exactly what I am supposed to do.  Frequently I can see an audience and realize they are distracted and starting to leave.

        These dreams are of the standard fear of not being prepared or feeling that I am not prepared for something I am supposed to do in waking life.   This is just another variation of the dream of unpreparedness.  I have a fear sometimes in waking life that I am not fully ready to do certain things when I have been scheduled to do them and this fear is often manifested in dreams such as my juggling dreams.

       Have you ever dreamed of juggling or jugglers?   Do you have dreams where you are supposed to do something but not prepared?    Do you ever dream about being at work and not being able to do your job properly?

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  1. I thought your "J" would be juggling.
    A great read Lee,


  2. I could never manage to learn to juggle. I have had weird work dreams before but I don't recall if actual 'working' was part of it.

  3. This is my third attempt to leave a comment. Here goes. I used to dream that I was back in school unprepared, but not so much anymore. I would sometimes wake panicked when I had those dreams.

    My son juggled for a season of his life. Once on a trip to Disney, he drew crowds as he stopped at each kiosk and juggled whatever was handy.

    Enjoyed my visit as usual. God bless, Maria from Delight Directed Living

  4. Hi Arlee, Your insight into your own dreams is inspiring, both your understanding and the way you write. I have never had a juggling dream but one of my proud achievements is learning how to juggle 3 balls. I can only do it for about 30 seconds, but it's still a good feeling :)

  5. No juggling dreams but definitly used to have many re trying to juggle too many events at once. Needing to be many places at the same time. Or having too many things to do.

  6. Hi Arlee, have tried to learn to juggle many times in the past. couldn't ever seem to get the hang of it.
    Most of my dreams are about traveling.. but never actually getting to that final destination...


  7. I have had many dreams about not being able to accomplish a task. More often, they are about trying to get some place and not being able to. It's maddening.

    Dropping by from A to Z. This is my first year participating.

    Brett Minor
    Transformed Nonconformist

  8. Yvonne--Yes! Today is juggling day on two of my blogs!

    JoJo -- The lack of working is usually part of my problem in dreams about work.

    Maria -- My father used to go to places and start juggling to get attention. We would all get so embarrassed.

    Ida -- If you can start you can keep going if you practice.

    Zoe -- I find myself often doing that kind of juggling.

    Linda -- Ah yes, the traveling dreams. I've had many.

    Brett -- I'm thinking those unable to complete a mission or task are some of the most common dreams. Certainly so for me.



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