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Quips ( #atozchallenge )

Dream Journal - Material things
Dream Journal - Material things (Photo credit: AlisonQuine)

      There is usually not much dialogue that I can remember in my dreams.  Typically my dream activities seem to be done in silence.  Every once in a while there will be a closing quip right before I awaken.  This will be a sort of summarizing statement or a punchline to the dream.

       Offhand I can't remember any of these except for one.  In a dream with my father he states, "That's what you get for being a smart aleck."  This is a statement he used to admonish me with at times when I had received my comeuppance for something I had done that he didn't like.  I'm not sure what the dream activity had been to deserve this, but it probably related to something I had done in the past.

       Some of the other dream quips are recorded in my old dream journals, but most were never recorded and have been lost.  This is too bad as I wish I had saved these.  There were actually some funny lines delivered in those dreams as well as some very ambiguous references.  If these were compiled, some meaning might be derived from them.

        The more enigmatic quips probably do have some sort of symbolism related to what was said.  Other quips may represent personal assessments about something I've done in waking life or something that is happening or may be going to happen.  The quips may be common statements that I've heard in waking life like the one from my father or they may be statements that are mostly original to the dream and sound appropriate in the context of that dream.

        The meaning or purpose of dream quips is more than likely dependent on the content of the quip and context where it has been used.

         Have you ever "heard" quips spoken in your dreams?   Who usually says them?  Do they make sense? What do you think our minds are telling us in these quips?

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  1. I can't honestly say I have heard words in my dreams that I remember.
    A good topic for the Q post.

  2. Yes, I've heard those quips. My dreams can get quite argumentative sometimes. There is one dream in particular I can't forget. I remember the whole dream in detail and I remember there was a conversation going but funnily enough I only remember one single sentence of that conversation. It was told to me by a Borgia type of cardinal with a lot of hate, presumably for me. His words sounded like prophetic or as a curse. He said:

    "...and that's the reason why no one will ever love you."

  3. Great post thank you! Don't know why I found you only now! For me my dreams are very significant and I usually write them down. I take them very seriously. I don't recall quips in my dreams, dialogue sometimes.

    Susan Scott's Soul Stuff

  4. For some reason, I remember having whole conversations in some of my dreams, even arguments. Sometimes I wake up feeling really confused as to why I have had certain conversations with certain people in my dreams. I attribute it to unresolved issues.
    I like this article. Thank you Arlee for the blog tip. I didn't know how that worked but I was able to change it easily.

    Gloria- Cre8tiv Glory
    A to Z Blog Challenge

  5. Yvonne -- I guess we'll have to start listening more closely.

    Al -- oh, that's harsh. More cutting than what my dream dad said.

    Susan -- It's good to write down dreams. I wish I would do it more often.

    Gloria -- Always glad to help when I can.



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