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Inclusion (#atozchallenge 2013)

dreams and wishes. 62/365
dreams and wishes. 62/365 (Photo credit: ♥)

           There are some dreams that I have about people who welcome me into their group or their lives.  Though I may be a stranger in most of these cases, these people warmly include me as a part of what they are doing and in the dream I feel accepted and liked.  Sometimes the people might be people from my past with whom I was never close or they might be people with whom I am familiar in my waking life but with whom I am not closely associated.

           Here are a few examples of dreams of inclusion:

  1. I am accepted on terms of friendship or romance with a person with whom I don't have this relationship in waking life.
  2. I am looked upon as one with special knowledge and brought on as an important employee or associate.
  3. I am seen as a respected individual and held in high regard by some group or organization that I would like to join.
  4. I become part of some mission or group effort and seen as an integral part or desirable component by the others in the group.
  5. I am embraced lovingly by people I don't know but they seem to know something about me.
  6. I am invited to be with others and participate in their lives or activities because they like me. 
          Dreams of inclusion most likely represent a wish or desire for an actual circumstance of waking life such as getting a job or some position of relevance.   If they involve friendship or romance these dreams could reflect on past memories, interpretations of certain recent events, or wishful thinking for things I would like to see happen in the future.   Other symbology of these types of dreams might also have something to do with my assessment of who I am and where I am in my life, a certain envious displacement of self into circumstances I have seen around me, or how I feel about my acceptance by certain people in my life who in the dream are represented by strangers.

           Whenever I have a dream about inclusion I feel warm and confident in the dream and this feeling will carry on into wakefulness.  Upon waking from this type of dream I will feel optimistic, happy, and ready to face the day.   Dreams of inclusion are very positive dreams to have.

            Have you had dreams of inclusion that you can recall?   In these dreams, who has included you as a part of themselves or their group?    Would you say your dreams tend to be more often about inclusion or exclusion?
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  1. An excellent post Lee, I wish I had pleasant dreams, perhaps I do but only remember the not so nice.


  2. These dream posts are really making me think about me. I'm not sure that I do have inclusion dreams. Strangers are always to be feared.

    Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

  3. Hmm what a thoughtful post (written by a thought provoking individual)

    I think the inclusion mindset has to do with a positive outlook in a person - which you obviously have.

    I dream while awake in those terms asleep more dark stuff.

    Inspired by Emily Dickenson today!

  4. I dream a lot, good and bad but don't recall any specific inclusion dreams. Interesting post.

  5. Usually I am part of a group, with a specific job or assignment. It is always a stressful job. What does that say about me?!

  6. Yvonne --Maybe you need to meditate on pleasant thoughts before going to bed?

    Rosalind -- Dreams of inclusion are not always about strangers, they could also about people you know.

    Moon -- I like it when my sleep dreams are positive and I feel good on awakening.

    Zoe -- Exclusion dreams then? Think on it and you'll probably be able to identify the dreams of inclusion. I think most dreams fit one way or another.

    Susan -- It sounds to me like you are the go to gal if I need to get something done.


  7. I wish I had more pleasant dreams, but my dreams are usually stress related - - worrying about money, worrying about chores, to-do list, children, yardwork, etc. GACK! Maybe tonight I'll dream about inclusion. :)

  8. Margo -- Like I suggested above to Yvonne, perhaps you need a different focus before you go to sleep. I know how difficult it can be when you have things weighing heavily on your mind, but eventually I think you need to find a way to give your mind a break and thus allow more pleasant dreams. Probably easier said than done in most cases.


  9. I know what are you talking about. Great post. I am a big dreamer myself


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