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Monsters (#atozchallenge)

Lobby card for the 1959 U.S. release of Godzil...
Lobby card for the 1959 U.S. release of Godzilla Raids Again. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
        I rarely have direct encounters with monsters in dreams, but sometimes there is a presence of monsters or I see a monster in the distance.  For me monster dreams do not evoke a sense of fright, but more of an unsettling fear or ambiguous sense of something unknown.

        My monster dreams are often like movies and I may even feel this in the dream itself.  I am more of an observer in monster dreams that a participant who is directly threatened.  I don't recall ever awakening in terror as a result of a monster dream, but sometimes I will wake up with a sense of apprehension of something unknown.  I may sometimes wake-up and play out a dream ending to make things turn out well or I may go back to sleep to continue the "dream movie".

         One example I vividly recall was a dream where it seems to be very dark night.  I am in a desolate area that may be a wooded area.  In the distance, against the horizon, I see an amusement park that is partly lit as though it were closing.  I see a large Godzilla-like monster smashing the Ferris wheel and plodding through the park.   I feel a vague sense of fear in that the monster could come in my direction, but it's so far away that I am not very afraid.  I am mostly just a witness to a far-off potentially horrifying event.

          Most of my monster dreams do not involve any monster that I can see.  In these dreams I may sense or know that a monster is present.  My feeling is dread more than terror.   It is the sense that something is near or that other people are afraid of a threatening presence.  The dreams are often dark and involve little action or story line.

         The monster dreams probably represent undefined fears that I may have about something in my waking life.   They are not particularly threatening fears or even probable fears, but just ambiguous fears of things that possibly could happen.   The fears don't leave me upset in any lasting way, they just give me the awareness that bad things can happen.  I can't necessarily call my monster dreams bad dreams.

         Do you dream about monsters?   Do the monsters directly threaten you?   What types of monsters have you dreamed about?

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  1. Only monster I dream about is my son-in law. seriously I don't dream of monster as such. Halfway through already Lee.


  2. I would love to have a monster dream. Big B movie fan! Maybe thats why I havent had real threat!

  3. I've rarely dreamt of an actual monster. It's more like you say, perceived danger and I agree, it's all about concerns we are experiencing.

    Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

  4. When I was about 14 I had a dream about Freddy Krueger. I woke, terrified, in the darkness and found my pillow torn open.

    I must have done it myself, but from then on Freddy Krueger has been completely real to me. I'm still terrified of him.

  5. Hey Lee, I don't think I've ever dreamed of a monster..not that I remember anyways. I have had some very frightening dreams, but never about monsters.

  6. No monster dreams for ages. Just teacher monster dreams.

  7. That feeling of dread is the worst monster of all I think.


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