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House (#atozchallenge 2013)

Dream House (game show)
Dream House (game show) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
       In my 'B' post I suggested that buildings in dreams were mostly set pieces with no specific symbolic value other than representing mood, mindset, memory, or mind.   This is not so for houses in dreams.  When I dream of a house I am dreaming of a specific local that has personal meaning to me and plays a significant part in the dream.

        The houses in my dreams are typically amalgams of real houses in my present, in my past, and in my imagination.   These dream houses may have features that are specific to real places, but almost always have added rooms and are much bigger than any of the real life houses.

          At times in a dream I may be in a readily recognizable part of a house, but either see or enter areas that would be unfamiliar to me in waking life and in some cases are strange and unfamiliar to me in the dream.  For example, there may be a basement in a house that in real life has no basement or hallways will extend much further than the real hallways do.  Sometimes I may be in one house, such as my mother's house, and then as I proceed I will find myself in another house or my own house.

          In other dreams I will be in a place that I accept as being my or another person's house, but it is not anything like their actual house.  I don't usually question the surroundings but I do get a sensation of unfamiliarity and strangeness.

         I think in all cases the houses represent whatever state of mind I have been in waking life or who I have been thinking about.  If I dream about my mother's house then I have usually been thinking about going there or about events that might be happening where she lives.

         House dreams are usually comforting because of the surroundings represented, but a bit unsettling because there are events of uncertainty happening or a sense of having lost something and having to look for it.   These house dreams are not particularly bad dreams, but they often leave me perplexed when I wake up.  This state of confusion is possibly because of the differences of the dream houses and the waking life houses.

          Whose houses do you typically dream about?    If you have a dream about being in a house, is it usually a good dream or a bad dream?    Do you either see houses in dreams or find yourself inside them?  Or are houses even a dream factor for you?
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  1. I do sometimes dream about a house that I don't recollect seeing before but it is always to do with my estranged children, I awaken all shaky and usually after a cup of coffee all is well. strange how the min plays tricks.


  2. "Houses' are a big factor in my dreams, but maybe not what you might think. I generally see the next house I will live in and have seen 'the house that I deserve'.

  3. Creepy house creepy house. I don't want to talk about it.

  4. cant recall dreaming about a house
    monster house was sure scary, tho!

    and i love the photo of your father!

    happy h day!

  5. I dream about the old house on the our farm many years ago. Those dreams always make me feel good.

  6. http://rewritten-redo.blogspot.com/2013/03/a-short-excerpt-from-chapter-1.html

    That's the link to a short description of a building I lived in as a child. It features in a recurring nightmare. The funny thing is I always think fondly of the building because it had an interesting billboard on the side. I am always being chased in the dream and get caught just as I reach the door.

  7. Yvonne -- I think house represents home and therefore often will include family.

    Faraway - Yes, dreams of wishes and desires. I can understand that.

    JoJo -- Have you seen the Freddy Krueger movies?

    Tara -- The houses might be in your dreams but you don't notice because you feel at home.

    Susan -- Security and happy times I would imagine.

    Zoe -- I'll check out the link.


  8. The few times a house has featured in my dreams, it's been my own, and it's been happy. I love my little house, it represents security. Most of my dreams take place in strange buildings - office buildings, schools, restaurants - but I never recognize them, which is always a little strange.

  9. My dreams are normally quite out there. I think if I do dream about houses, they're never familiar.

  10. The last house I remember from a dream was my mother's house. I saw three people crossing from what would have been my bedroom to my parents' bedroom, two ladies and one gentlemen, all in "Sunday-go-to-meeting" clothing. I felt like I had to stop them so I began going back the hall. But the farther and faster I went, the longer the hall got. Then I remember telling myself in the dream, that I was dreaming, that things were ok and then I woke up.

    When we lived in Texas, I used to dream a lot about tornadoes, either in half-ruined high-rise apartment buildings or resort-type chalets, with like 20 funnels visible and getting closer.

  11. Li -- Those strange buildings are mysterious aren't they.

    Jessica -- I guess if dreams weren't "out there" then they'd be real life.

    LuAnn -- I can understand how you'd have those tornado dreams living in Texas.


  12. My recurring house dream starts well in that I think I've found the perfect house in which to live, but when I move in, it's filled with other people's furniture, rugs kitchen goods etc. Lots of them - not just one of each but several cookers, fridges and such so I begin to feel crowded out by all this unwanted clutter and there's no place for any of my own things which I find distressing.


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