Saturday, April 27, 2013

X Dream Factor ( #atozchallenge )

      Sometimes I may have dreams where there is an unknown factor present in my memory of a dream after awakening, but I can't exactly place what the missing piece is.   This forgotten dream piece might be a person, a place, an event, a song, or any number of other things that somehow stood out within the dream so that I remember that it was there, but I just can't seem to remember what it was.

         It may be that the missing piece is something that was not in the dream at all but should have been.  In the remembering of the dream I may feel the need to place the piece into the dream somehow but I just can't figure out what might have been missing.  If I think about it enough I may fabricate a memory of this x factor. Still I know that I am lying to myself.

         One frequent x factor of dreams I have had is the recollection of a song or piece of music that I recall having heard in the dream.   There is a distinct memory of music having been present in the dream, but I will have absolutely no recall of what the melody was.  This is often frustrating to me because I tend to be musically minded and want to know if the music was original to the dream or something I'd known from waking life.  When I have been able to remember songs, I have often written them down and they seem quite good.  It's frustrating to lose one.

        Then there are the dreams where the entire subconscious experience becomes one big X in the memory.  I know the dream was there and might even remember a few elements of it, but the dream is lost.  This is the most frequent dream experience.   Usually I don't take the time to review and study what I have dreamed and actually write it down.  The dreams are forgotten.  Those dreams become relegated to the X File of my mind.

         If my nightly dreams are all part of a formula to figure out who I am, then there are many unsolved x's in the equation.  Too bad.   Those x's may be gone forever.

          Have you had missing pieces from your dreams that have vexed you?    Is there an X factor in your subconscious mind?

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  1. Good account of your dreams Lee.
    Thought for a moment you dreamed you were going on the X Factor,

    Enjoy your week-end.

  2. Hi Lee just reading this post makes me think of dreams I know I have forgotten. Just a word or even less exists now. You are right it is frustrating. Your walking post is waiting to be read, as well as many of your other posts. As this challenge draws to a close I want to say thanks again for visiting my blog, commenting and for everything else you created in and about this challenge xoxo

  3. Yes! The X -- I wake up, trying to remember the name of that song, that place, or that house...Very frustrating.

  4. my dreams do a confusing thing where they sometimes continue on another night, and then there are people, places, and things that only make sense in the dream and that I forget unless I write them down. the dreams blur into one another, and I wish I could remember them more fully.

    just found your blog and will be back to read more!


  5. Yvonne -- I don't think I'll be appearing on X Factor anytime soon.

    Ida -- Yeah, if you don't jump on those dreams right away they are often gone quickly. I find the same to be true for writing ideas.

    Susan -- The songs especially frustrate me. They seemed to stand out so much in the dream.

    MOV -- You tapped into some themes and ideas I've discussed in many previous posts. I hope you will continue to visit.



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