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Walking ( #atozchallenge )

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English: Leonardo da Vinci, shoes for walking on water. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

        In most dreams I seem to be going somewhere and in most cases I seem to be walking.  Since dreams are a reflection or extension of waking life this would make a lot of sense.  Travel on the broad scale is typically done in some sort of transport, but details of getting from one spot to another are usually accomplished on foot.  

         Walking in dreams may be only a matter of the mechanics of getting somewhere or a scene setting device.   However there are occasionally circumstances where the act of walking is the main focus of the dream. The symbolic significance of walking in these types of dreams might be dependent on who we are with, where we are, where are going, how we feel, or some other state of dream mind that is affected by our walking.

         Usually in my walking dreams I will pass through strange areas that may appear abandoned and in a state of decay.  I think these dreams represent something in my past.  The meaning of these dreams is related to my state of dream mind and the factors that give me cause to be where I am in the dream.  For the most part I think these dreams are mostly an interpretation of something that has happened in the past either recent or further back in time.

         When I dream of walking in a busy place where there are many people and much activity going on, I think I am dreaming about present and possibly anticipated future events.  If the people accompanying me are people I know then there is more confidence about my circumstance, but if my companions are strangers I usually feel optimistic about where we are going even if there is an uncertainty about what might happen.   These dreams probably represent apprehensions I have about something in my life.

         As with traveling dreams, the dreams in which walking is involved most likely symbolize my life journey that has either already occurred or that I am in the process of making.  There is something comforting about walking in a dream much as there can be in waking life.  When walking we can carefully observe our surroundings and have more flexibility in where we can go.

          Do you have dreams that are specifically about the act of walking?   Where are you usually going in a walking dream?   Who walks with you or do you walk alone?

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  1. I only remember dreams I don't want to, great post Lee, and enjoyed reading.



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