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Traveling ( #atozchallenge )

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Preserved Routemaster prototype RM3 (SLT 58), Baker Street, London, July 1979 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

       Traveling is a very common motif in my dreams.  Most often I travel by automobile, but other times I may be in public transport and on occasion I may be traveling on foot.  In nearly every case I will be going to a destination, but become diverted or lost along the way.  In these cases, I seem to be more interested in what is going on around me and not overly concerned with being lost, but more so with arriving late to my destination.

         My traveling dreams predominately have to do with being on the road with a touring show and on my way to a performance.  In other instances I might be on my way to school, work, or even a visit with family or someone else.  I rarely feel frantic in these dreams, but only mildly distressed that I am not on schedule or will not be properly prepared for my performance.   Over all, I am focused on whatever distraction is at hand with a vague concern about my true destination.

        Sometimes the locations are specific places that I either recognize, am told about in the dream, or just instinctively seem to know based on dream memory.  At other times the setting is indistinct and not referenced in any way.  The oddest situations are when I am told or seem to believe I am in a certain locale, but the dream setting looks nothing like what I know about that place.  I may accept this knowledge of my location, but with some reservations.

        It seems apparent to me that the symbolism of traveling represents my life or life journey.  My destination is my future.  Sometimes that future is rather specific while at other times the destination is vague. The thematic content of the dream most likely reflects circumstances that are on my mind.

        Do you dream of traveling?  In travel dreams what is your mode of transportation?  Where are you going?   Who are you with?

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  1. I have dreamt of traveling when I have been due to travel, but it's not a thing I normally dream about.
    Great post.

    PS: you asked about yesterday;s music Sleepy Shores. Way back in the 70s was a series on UK TV called Owen MD.
    The music was always called Sleepy shores, but there was a show on US TV with the same music but can't recall the show.

  2. Once, I dreamed I was traveling in a small plane. It crashed. I felt the impact. I then said, "my soul shall rise again." I woke up freaked out thinking I was going to die soon. My counselor (thank God) interpreted that the dream meant rebirth. I was in the middle of a life transition at the time. Twenty years later...I'm still here. Phew!

  3. I dream about being in Victoria BC a lot.

  4. I love to travel. If all modes of transportation are at my disposal - and I can't travel large distances by a teleport device ;) - I think I would like to sail in a large and indestructible yacht. I would travel with my partner and some friends, to every pace I've ever read about - and that would take a while. ;)

  5. In my traveling dreams, it is usually in a bus, which changes into a school bus which I have to drive.

  6. I do travel in my dreams but I am always flying or swimming. There are never automobiles or walking/running involved

  7. Yvonne -- I can't recall the US show but now I remember hearing it in that show. Now the tune is running through my head.

    Em -- That's actually kind of a cool dream.

    JoJo-- I've never been to Victoria but I'd like to go one day.

    Elaine - I guess my preference is to stay on dry land, but if the yacht and amenities were nice enough I might be game for that.

    Susan -- That goes with some of the other dreams you've described in the past. Always taking charge and playing the teacher.

    J Keith -- Swimming is different, but flying? Are we talking flying on your own without a plane or anything?



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