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Running ( #atozchallenge )

English: Students running cross country
English: Students running cross country (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
        A heart condition keeps me from running in waking life, but it does not stop me from running in my dreams.  In my sleep life I am able to run with great speed, agility, and endurance.  Usually if I am running in a dream I am not doing so because of fear.  Most of the time I don't seem to be running away from anything, but running towards something or just running for the mere exhilaration of the experience.

         When I run in the dreams it is almost in a superhuman manner.  I may run in leaps and bounds which make it almost an experience as though I am flying close to the ground.   I may run so fast that I am keeping up with fast moving vehicles or animals known for their running abilities.   There doesn't seem to be any purpose to my running in dreams other than just for the experience of the activity.

         This dream activity may represent my desire for a sense of freedom or escape in my waking life.  I think it displays a desire to be unencumbered by something in waking life that is repressing me.   From a physiological point of view I think it's possible also that I may be experiencing rapid heartbeat during sleep and this translates into running in my dream.  Since I have no quantitative evidence for this, I am posing a speculative scenario for the latter possibility.

         Whatever the real or symbolic interpretation of running in my dreams, I will usually wake up feeling energized and optimistic after I've had a dream about this.

          Do you ever run in your dreams?   Are you running because you are afraid of something?    Do you run in waking life?

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  1. Actually I do run in my dreams, I think I am running towards the future,Things and places I want to do and visit, also to get away from unhappy memories. As the saying goes
    "You can run but you cannot hide".

    Enjoy your week-end.

  2. I used to dream that I was running to get my bus, which was something I did in real life every day at the time. I don't really run in real life b/c I have such bad knees. But when I ran in my dream, I would stumble, like my legs were made of lead. The only way I could achieve actual running was to bend forward and run on all fours, like an animal.

  3. Whenever I run in my dreams, some invisible force restrains me from reaching full speed. It's like I'm running in slow motion.
    For medical conditions there was one day a sprint along the block was my hardest desire as I could not even walk two yards without losing breath. Now I am able to run a mile. Still too little compared to an athlete but way too much compared to my worst days.

  4. This is the second R is for Running that I have read, and yours is completely different.

    I do not remember running in my dreams. I have many dreams of flying ( fairy like), and being free that way.

  5. Hey Lee, I don't usually run in dreams, or when awake...although I used to run in real life. I am prevented from that now by arthritis. I do have dreams though where I jump, and seem to be able to go as high as I want to. Sometimes I'm in a room and there are other people there, but I am up near the ceiling in a corner. They never see me. I can eavesdrop on conversations, fly through open's exhilarating. When it's time to come down from my 'super leap', I usually start spinning rapidly in a tight coil as I fall towards the ground. That part isn't so nice. When I wake up I can recall that I've been somewhere, jumping and flying, but I can't recall any particulars, like conversations etc...sorry, I know this isn't a running dream, but it's the closest I have. In waking life the closest I get to running is working out on the eliptical at the gym.
    Another super interesting post Lee!



  7. Yvonne -- Running toward the future might be good. I guess it depends how the dream makes you feel afterward.

    JoJo -- I've heard of those animal kind of dreams. I think I've had some as well.

    Al - A mile is great. I wouldn't want to attempt running after my last experience on a treadmill 15 years ago.

    Deb -- Oh, I like the flying dreams. I wish I would have some of those.

    Eve-- That's a pretty dramatic dream though!

    Larry -- Okay, will check it out.



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