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Old Things ( #atozchallenge )

The Tower of Dreams holds all the knowledge, w...
The Tower of Dreams holds all the knowledge, wisdom, history, and insights of the fairies race. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
        Just about everything in my dreams seems to be old.  Even if I receive something "new" in a dream it seems like it is old.  This I think is evidence that dreams are primarily reliant on memories of the past for the imagery that the dream mind creates.

         Places, things, and often the dream events themselves seem old, dated, and even tired.   I can recall having dreams as a child that had to do with newer things such as Christmas or birthday presents that seemed like they had recently been purchased.  Of course when I was having those dreams I had much less history behind me and my memories were newer.   Now that I am older and have a memory span that reaches farther back, my dreams seem to reflect this.

        The buildings and geographical locales all seem to be older and sometimes in a state of decay.  If I dream about the house I currently live in, which is relatively new, the dream setting will often be blended with older looking rooms from houses in my memory or something suggested by house images I have experienced in my past.

        If I am traveling in a vehicle, I am unable to distinguish make or model or anything of that nature, but it always seems older and more like a vehicle I have ridden in or driven at some point in my past.  Likewise any objects I come into contact with in the dream will seem old and perhaps even antique.

         The events occurring in the dreams are most often things that seem related to my life many years ago.  In more recent times I don't recall having many dreams where the events seemed to be related to anything current in my life.  If I have a dream about an event that seems to be in the future, the setting seems to be older rather than modern.

         My best explanation is what I have already said about memories and dreams.  Since dreams are a mental process based on what we know, it seems only natural that we would draw upon all of the memories we have.  Our own systems of symbology have been established since childhood and we most likely draw upon our oldest symbols and build upon those by adding new ones we acquire through life.  As we grow older it becomes less likely that we will continue to add many new symbols, though we may use newer ideas that may strongly influence our minds.

        In interpreting our dreams we need to look at the dream components and see how they relate to each other in the dream and to similar or same components in older dreams.  Then by using data from our daily life we may be able to draw reasonable conclusions about what a dream might be telling us.

        Do you find that you dream of older things?   If there are newer things in your dreams what are they?  Do you dream about future events and if so what do you see?

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  1. Dreams are strange things I have vivid dreams that I awaken frightened ,It mostly concerns houses, thee different houses I have lived in in the past.


  2. I dont necessarily dream of old things as much as old places. THe last dream that commented on took place at the ROman Baths. I have dreams in castles, stonehenge...

  3. I've never thought about whether the things/events in my dreams are old, though I did once have a nightmare with Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz in it. I dream a lot about houses. Good post!


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