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Hippo animal
Hippo animal (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

         Dreams are typically weird and when I dream about animals, those animals are often strange.  Sometimes the animals do not even appear to be what they are called in the dream.   For example, in a recent dream my attention was drawn to what were called mice in the dream, but actually I recognized them as some sort of insect such as large mosquitoes.  

        Other times the animals are what they are supposed to be, such as dogs or wolves.  In nearly all of my dreams that involve animals of some sort, those animals appear to be threatening and I often experience a certain sense of fear.   It's not to the extent of terror usually, but enough apprehension to cause me concern in the dream that the animals could hurt me.

         They never do.  They may scare me, but I am never attacked.

          The animals seem to represent some sort of threat--something that I am afraid of in waking life.   In most cases the fears are based on what others in the dream tell me or the way they are responding to a situation.   This might indicate to me that I am essentially in control of most of the things in my life that could pose a threat and that I should not allow others to make me afraid of that which I need not fear.

         In a few cases the animals have been very docile and appealing.   These animals may represent something in my life that is bringing me happiness or peace.  This symbol is there to remind me to embrace those positive things in my life.

          Do you have dreams about animals?   Are they fearsome or pleasing?   What do you think dreaming of animals represents?

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  1. Mice are the organisers in my dream world. They see the all the fine details. Sometimes they nit pick and worry about things like fluff on clothes too much, but without their ability to pay attention to details we wouldn't be very organised.

  2. I love animals but sadly where I live I can't have any, they arefaithful creatures and yet another good post.


  3. Whenever I dream with animals, they are usually my pets and it's usually a dream about something bad happening to them. I think it reflects my fear to loosing them as I love them like my own children.

  4. I have such weird, disjointed dreams. But, one thing that does stay "normal" are the animals! My dogs are always "themselves" in my dreams. Lucky me! Happy A-to-Z 2013! ~Angela, Whole Foods Living

  5. No animals in my dreams as yet, but after today? Will follow up on that.

    Thanks, Arlee, for all you do and have done!

  6. Sometimes I dream about my dogs but I can't recall any other dreams with animals in them.

  7. Ida - You have some interesting dream mice!

    Yvonne -- Sometimes I wish some of my neighbors couldn't have pets.

    Al -- That would make a lot of sense for a pet owner to have dreams of losing them.

    Angela -- I'm sure the normalcy of dogs has a meaning in your dream life.

    Susan -- Thank you for being a part of what we are doing!

    JoJo -- I can understand that you would dream about your own dogs. They're usually like family members to most owners.


  8. Zombies (never a good sign for my dreams) and werewolves (not really good either but haven't seen them in a long time). An elephant would be awesome as they are so balanced. Great post on the A-Z.

  9. I have recurrent shark dreams traced back to a very early viewing of Jaws. If I have other animals in my dreams they are usually dinosaurs.

  10. I am enjoying these posts and will visit again.


  11. What an interesting topic to blog about! I'm signing up to follow!

    Usually when I dream about animals they're chasing me and I can't run...


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