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Younger days ( #atozchallenge )

Science Project 1974
Science Project 1974 (Photo credit: The Rocketeer)
          My own childhood is rarely a factor in my dreams, but every once in a while I will find myself back in high school or college.  I assume that I am of that age in the dreams.  My old friends who appear in these dreams appear as their younger selves.

          These dreams seem natural and appropriate.  Since in my younger self I am essentially of adult or near adult age, I feel of the same mindset of my current age.  At times the experience may be one of those cases of being younger but knowing everything that I know now.  I do almost always feel far more confident in those dreams that I might have felt when I was actually that age.

          Most of the time the dreams in these age settings take place in school or a school related scenario.  In some cases I come across as the hero of the dream or a person of notable influence.  Even in dreams where there may be an aura of something bad threatening my circumstance, I seem to almost always come up with a solution or deflect whatever threat might be present.

          The dreams are almost always positive and have a comfortable feeling to them.  After most of these dreams I awaken feeling confident, but perhaps with a wistful longing for my younger days.

          My interpretation is that these dreams are memory filters.   My mind is revisiting past times to reevaluate and perhaps even make things right for my memory of those days.  The dreams may be a reassurance to me that I currently am in control of most things in my life and I know how to find the solutions to any problems I might be having.

          Do you dream of younger days?   What are the most common things in your past that you dream about?   Do you wish you could go back in real life to visit times in your past?

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  1. I can't say I dream of younger days,
    but saying that if I did they would be a lot deal happier than the present day.


  2. No, I don't dream of my past, but I would revisit it...but only if I could change it. No sense reliving the pain.

  3. I used to dream about high school/elementary school a lot, usually about people that had moved away. I guess maybe I was seeking closure on their sudden disappearances. One person surfaced on FB and I think she was surprised at how many people from Sandwich friended her...she left right after 6th grade.

  4. Oh Lord, Lee - I know this is supposed to be about dreams but I have to tell you - I'm pretty sure my elder son had that exact same shirt!

  5. No specific younger-days dreams, but ones that seem to fluctuate between ages. My long-dead grandmother will be there doing something while my own grandkids are running around...

  6. Yvonne -- Being younger does have a plus side.

    Em -- But changing the past could be dangerous. What if it made your future worse than it turned out?

    JoJo -- I guess we often have curiosity about what happened to some of the kids we went to school with. Probably one reason for reunions.

    LD -- Is it your son in the photo? It's not me. I got the photo from Zemanta.

    Susan -- A dream family reunion! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have for real!


  7. I don't pine for younger days, but I do dream about them. The setting of a lot of my dreams tends to be the house I grew up in, too.

    I don't recall being relieved by any of them though as if untying a wad of knotted memories. I'm still just as frustrated, I'm sure, as I was when I was six about what ever six-year-olds get frustrated by. I'll have to think more on that. Sleep on it.

    I'm glad to find your blog from the A to Z challenge!

  8. Bryan-- Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. I guess we tend to lock in on certain places of our past that have had the most significance to us. I don't recall having any dreams in adult life where the setting is any of the houses I lived in before high school. Now you have me thinking on the significance of this.



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