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Modified photo: Unmistakable emergency exit in...
Modified photo: Unmistakable emergency exit in Stockholm's underground station "Universitetet" I tried to make it in the style of lorretine, one of my favourite photographers here on flickr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

      Dreams about exits seem to have two obvious meanings to me:

  1. There is something in my life I want to get away from.
  2. I want to leave the dream.
          If I am dreaming about a situation that makes me uncomfortable, the dream may seem to last for a very long time.   There will be various side issues and incidents involving other people, but the overriding theme of the dream will be a particular problem that is troubling me in the dream.  This problem may be disguised in a symbolic way to represent something that I have been dealing with in waking life or it may be the actual problem itself portrayed in the dream.   

          The nature of these dream exits may be the symbolization of an actual solution that is available to me in waking life and revealed to me within the dream.  If I am able to determine what problem is represented in the dream, I can try to figure out what the exit symbolizes and consider that as a practical solution to my waking life problem.

         The other more simple and obvious explanation of looking for an exit in a dream is to get out of the dream.   If a dream is particularly troublesome, I may just need to find a way out and begin looking for an exit within the dream.   Another common reason to search for a dream exit is the need to go to the bathroom or experiencing some other form of discomfort or sensing the need to wake up.  

         Can you remember ever having a dream where you were searching for an exit?   Did you find the exit you were looking for?    What happened next?

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  1. I can't say I have had that sort of dream but I certainly get into that situation whilst awake,


  2. Fascinating post. What a coincidence, too, that I selected your name at random from the A-Z list to visit your blog today after talking about dreams yesterday on mine.
    I often dream of escape, though not exits specifically.
    I think anyone who dreams vividly and/or often will occasionally try to make sense of the symbols within dreams so your theme is very interesting.
    I'm off now to read your posts from the beginning.
    A great idea.

  3. I've dreamt that I can't find my way home or my way along a street. I know it should be leading me home but it's all strange. Not sure if that's the same as not finding exits.

    Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

  4. Dreams are an amazing capability we have. I love it when I can actually remember one!

    Jana @ A Novel Reality

  5. you have a blog that is very unique and interesting .. Yes I've had that dream ...

    Greetings from afar Indonesia.
    asked permission to follow you ...
    If you have time, please visit my blog and follow course .. .. thank you.

  6. I've had dreams where I've been in some dire, life threatening situation, and suddenly I have to go to the bathroom in the I wake up. In these cases I can never remember what the dream was exactly, only that my life was in danger and there was an overwhelming feeling of panic.

  7. Lately I have been having dreams in which my spouse and I are separated but visible to each other. Neither of us can find the proper escape from our situation in which the ground is about to collapse into water so we cant reach each other. No surprises he was killed two years ago while overseas.I just find it odd to be having them now when I never had them before...hmmmm.

  8. Yvonne -- I too often look for "exits" during waking hours.

    Manic -- Deciphering the symbolism is to understand the dream message better.

    Rosalind -- I guess it's a step in the direction of looking for the exit. I often have the same sorts of dreams.

    Jana -- Dream memory takes practice.

    D'zaro -- Thank you for visiting. I will be to see you soon.

    Eve -- Fear of wetting ones bed is good reason to panic.

    Zoe - I think you are very close to understanding the meaning of that dream if you haven't done so already.


  9. This morning a phone call woke me up at 7 a.m., so I recall this dream well. I am searching for a way out of a "Fun House" in New Orleans. It is filled with voo-doo relics and evil. My Mormon br-in-law shows up, and tells me to place a dime on this special paper and then stomp on it. Then the phone call.

  10. I'm sure I have had dreams like that but I'm rapidly losing the ability to remember my dreams once I start to wake up. I try hard to cling to it and the details but they fade almost immediately.

  11. I remember my dreams having exits. Usually I am searching for something in them though. What is is depends on the dream.

  12. I can't remember ever having an exit dream, but your explanation certainly makes sense!

  13. Susan -- And who was on the phone? If was any connection to that weird dream I'd really freak.

    JoJo -- It's very easy to lose the memory of a dream. I forget most of mine.

    Noree-- I'm sure it's a real variable factor and the symbol for you might be very different than what it mean for me. For that matter I may be misinterpreting my own.

    Sherry -- I went with what seemed most logical.

  14. I have a reoccurring dream where I am stuck in a hotel and I try and try and try to find the exit, but can't. What does that mean?


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