Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dream Vacation

Die Natural Bridge im Shenandoah Valley in Vir...
The Natural Bridge located in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

        Taking a vacation from blogging on any of my sites is not something that I like to do, but at this time it seems like my most practical option.  And actually I'm going to be taking a summer break on all of my blogs except for Tossing It Out and even there I will be cutting back on my posting schedule.

         I've tried different tactics each year during my summer travels, but the fact is that if I'm preparing my posts ahead of time I'm taking up time that I desperately need for making preparations for my vacation trip and my schedule during the summer may prohibit my having enough time on the computer to post during those travel weeks.

         Of course this is always subject to change.  I might find that I'm able to post on a weekly schedule and if that is the case I will resume my regular schedule.  But this is highly doubtful.

         As things currently stand, my plan is to return to regular posting on this site starting September 10th.   If that's how it goes, I'll see you at that time.

         Have a wonderful summer and be sure to keep visiting at Tossing It Out where I will announce any changes in my schedule for this blog.