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Death and Dead People

Darryls dead body floating in the lake.
Darryls dead body floating in the lake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
         I don't recall too many dreams where death or dead people are a part of the dream story, but there have been enough to make this a symbol to look at.

         In the dreams I recall, death comes in the form of:

  • A dead body which has been hidden
  • A dead body left out in the open and unremoved
  • A dead body on display
  • The knowledge that someone has died

       When the dead body is hidden in a car trunk, a closet, or some other hiding place I believe that would represent a secret or something that I am trying to hide from others.  It may also be a suspicion that something is being hidden from me.  These dreams leave me apprehensive with the fear that the body will be discovered.  Sometimes the body is starting to emit an odor of decay which might be an indication that the symbolized secret is on the verge of being discovered and cannot remain hidden.

       The body left unattended is a problem that is being ignored by me or perhaps others.  In the dream I am aware that it is there as do others, but we try to just go about our business as though it doesn't exist.  Many of us tend to allow serious problems to remain without acknowledging their existence.  I think this type of dream calls my attention to this fact.

       The corpse on display as though it were on view before a funeral probably represents a problem or some uncomfortable issue that is recognized as having been dealt with and on view for all to see before being buried.  This problem may represent something like a former prejudice, dislike, or conflict with another person.

        In dreams where I hear a loved one has died I usually feel very sad.   I think this dream represents a fear of losing someone I care for because of the intensity of how I feel upon awakening.  Sometimes in my disoriented state of partial wakefulness I may feel a powerful sense of loss and grief until I am fully awake and realize that I have dreamed.  The fear of loss usually remains making it difficult to go back to sleep.

       Death in dreams is often a sorrowful occasion as in life, but it can also cause fear or uneasiness.   

        Have you dreamed of someone dying?   Have you ever dreamed of your own death?   

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  1. If I dream, I don't remember them very often but it is interesting to read about the interpretation of dreams.

    I look forward to visiting again.


  2. I don't dream of death, but I don;t like to think about it either having losing two people close to me within a short space of time.


  3. I used to dream that my family members were dead but moving around like they were alive. There was always a give-away like rotting feet hanging downward. In this dream I always had to act I did not know they were really dead and I must not let them touch me. These were dreams where I woke up terrified and could never go back to sleep as the dream would just continue. Horrid feelings about those dreams.

  4. I don't think I have had dreams like that...nightmares really. If I have I must've blocked them from my memory. I've had dreams about my dad after he died where he was present & living, but silent & didn't talk and it didn't seem like anyone else could see him but me.

  5. Hi, Arlee!

    No I don't recall of dreaming of anyone dying or my own death. As mentioned before seldome do I recall any of my dreams. I did have a weird dream last night where some one was forcing my head down and injected a needle into my head; not sure what that was all about and I drempt all night but awoke without a memory.

    Interesting post, Arlee!

  6. Can't say I've ever dreamed of dead bodies or funerals...unless zombies count and then boy have I ever dreamed of them!

  7. I have dreamed about dying before. Totally not true that you die in real life too :D I have had several dying dreams over the years. It feels very strange, but more curious than terrifying. Dreaming about loved ones dying, on the other hand, is the worst kind of nightmare.

  8. Not really, I do not remember of dying or being dead in my dreams. In one dream though I was buried alive and rescued by a bear.

    Good luck with the challenge!

  9. Sharon -- Dream memory takes practice sometimes.

    Yvonne -- I don't know that many of us like to think of death. Perhaps dreaming about it is one way to come to terms with it.

    fmc -- That sounds like a very spooky dream.

    JoJo -- Your dreams about your father sound very similar to the ones I've had about mine.

    Betty -- A needle to the head sounds pretty disturbing.

    Heather -- I suppose zombies could count.

    ATH -- I've heard that about dying for real if you dream of dying. I don't recall ever having a dream where I died, but I agree that dreaming of loved ones dying can be quite upsetting.

    Eva -- Rescued by a bear! There must be a personal meaning to that one. Interesting for sure.


  10. I dream of being threatened by my death but never die in the dream. Interestingly since my father died a few years back he appears occassionally in dreams in which we are conversing. I eventually say "Hey dad, arent you supposed to be dead?"and he usually responds with "I was just checking in..."and then he fades out and I usually wake up.

  11. Hello Lee.
    Strange post, well I think so. The only dream I can remember ever having about death was my own, I was floating in what appeared to be a kind of water-less pool. I was not allowed to sink and was lifted out by someone's hand. ? ?
    Have a great day my friend, Geoff.

  12. Hey Lee, I have dreamed of death a bunch of times in my life, but not lately. Years ago I used to dream that my brother was lying dead by a pool...always in twilight, and I was always at some distance, looking at him. I knew there was nothing I could do. Also, I used to dream that one room in my house was like an old, old grand room that you see in houses in ancient movies..high ceilings, flowery wallpaper, etc...and in the middle of this room was a dead girl on display. She was lying up on some sort of narrow table, wearing a white dress and was strewn with flowers and kittens..the kittens were alive but seemed to stay on or near her body. In the dream I would always walk past that room very quickly and try not to look inside, the sight of her frightened me..the whole room was like a time capsule from about 1885..I don't know the reason, but I knew there was nothing I could do to get her, (and the room itself) out of my house. Haven't had that dream for years and years now, but I remember it being terrifying.

  13. I don't know that I've ever dreamed about dead people or death, but I very clearly remember that when I was about 10 years old or so the phone rang one day. As soon as it rang I knew it was my grandmother calling to tell my mom that my great-grandfather had died. We weren't close in geography and he hadn't been sick. He was elderly but there was no reason to think that that news would come that day. Thankfully I've never had that happen again.


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