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Nakedness (#atozchallenge)

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      I've often heard people mention dreams about being in a public place naked or inadequately clothed.  I don't recall any dreams where I'm totally in the open in a public place while being naked, but there have been dreams where I might be naked or partially dressed in a place where I can be seen and this makes me uncomfortable.

      Usually in these dreams I am in a bathroom or some sort of dressing area where one or more walls are missing.  I can see people, but usually they don't seem to notice that I am there.  Still I am afraid that I will be seen unclothed.  In other dreams I may be in some state of undress and people are in my presence as we discuss something.  Again the other people never say anything about my appearance, but I feel awkward about it.

      The symbolism of the dreams where I am not dressed like I should be probably has to do with unpreparedness for something or a fear of being exposed to others.  I don't think my fears or apprehensions have anything at all to do with clothes or the appearance of the way I am dressed, but more to do with my public image before others either at some time prior to the dream or for some meeting I will be having at some future time.  These dreams could also reflect a concern about the way others might perceive me in waking life.  

       Have you dreamed of being naked or in a partially dressed state in a public place?    What kind of a place do you typically find yourself?   What is your feeling in the dream?
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  1. Luckily I don't dream of being naked...that would be classed as a nightmare,


  2. I don't deal with this common theme either... my more frustrating dreams tend to revolve around things like: I'm back in highschool, or college, and finals are coming up... when I suddenly realize that I haven't even been going to one of my classes that I have a final for... or being on a soccer team and our goalie is really awful... things like that.

    Fun blog!

    Swinging by from A-Z!

  3. Yep, been naked in the dreams. Worst was naked outside and knowing people were watching me go potty. Ugh.

  4. I hear about people dreaming they're naked on TV, in books, but I personally have never had one.

    Sonia Lal

  5. The closest I come to this one is: Being in a crowded store and the toilet is in the middle of the store. People are using it without embarrassment. I have to go #2 badly, but I don't see any TP.

    I can skip that dream any night.

  6. Yvonne -- I don't know about nightmare, but it is a weird thing to dream about.

    Jenelle -- I too have mostly dreams about not being prepared for something.

    FMc-- Yes, I've had that one.

    Sonia --It's not my most common dream to have.

    Susan -- I've had similar type dreams but the TP was never brought up and usually this dream is a signal that I need to get up and go to the bathroom. I hope I never keep sleeping during one of these bathroom dreams.


  7. I've never dreamed about being naked in front of people, but I would hate it. I would, on the other hand, love to be nekkid! LOL Just kidding. :)

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com

  8. You know, I've had all sorts of crazy dreams, but not really any nekkid ones.. Interesting.

    Fun topic!

    AJ Lauer
    #atozchallenge helper minion
    Twitter: @ayjaylauer

  9. Fortunately, I haven't had that dream in a long time. Now I'll be thinking about it, as I have an upcoming doctor's appointment. I love Yvonne's nightmare comment!


  10. Kristen --A nice air bath in private isn't so bad.

    AJ -- I don't have the nekkid dreams often, but they do happen sometimes and it's pretty weird.

    Julie -- I think many of us might identify with Yvonne's comment.



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