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My Father, Robert Lee Jackson

          When I was a child, a dream about my father usually had something to do with discipline or loss.  I would either dream I was in trouble for something I had done or that my father had died.  These are probably fairly common dream scenarios about fathers for children.  After I became older the dream content and symbolism  changed.

          My father died over twenty years ago, but I still have frequent dreams about him.  Usually they are comforting dreams where he never utters a word but instead is mostly a presence to guide me or support me.  These dreams never fail to give me a pleasant awakening.  I usually feel reassured and optimistic after such a dream.  The meaning to these dreams probably relates to my feelings that my father approves of what I am doing in  my life or where I am as a man.  Alternately the father figure is possibly my inner self providing me confidence and optimism.

         Occasionally though I will have dreams where my father is reprimanding me or chiding me about something.   These dreams are not harsh, but they tend more toward the sarcastic or display a mild sense of disappointment.  Again the figure of my father may actually be my inner self exerting a gentle sense of judgement.  Sometimes I will wake up slightly angry or defiant, but this is a feeling that does not last as I begin to be more thankful that I was able to be with my father.

          I suppose these dreams could be direct messages from my father in spirit, but I have a tendency not to believe in this sort of thing.  Whatever the case, I like to have dreams about my father.  A dream about my father is like a visit from him.

          Do you think that dreams about departed loved ones are communications from the afterlife?   Have you had dreams about someone you have lost to death?   What are your dreams about departed loved ones like?

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  1. I often have dreams about my teeth falling out. It freaks me out every time.


    Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi

  2. I have dreams about my father a lot. We've been estranged for over twenty years and the dreams are always about being reunited with him.

  3. I had one about my dad the first Christmas after he died. It was the night of 12/23 to 24 and I dreamt that he called me and said, 'I sent you that thing that you wanted' and he hung up. I was yelling into the phone, 'DAD! Don't go!' It was unsettling. I told my husband at the time about it. Next day I was opening the gifts from my mom and there was the cobalt blue liquor decanter that I wanted since I was a kid! I freaked out. I was crying and Brian's like, 'what? what?' And I said, 'that dream I had yesterday....I have wanted this decanter for years!'

  4. Hi Arlee, this was a cool post. I don't remember many of my dreams but, when I do they are usually dreams where I am trying to protect someone, or maybe even myself, but I only move in slow motion. I don't know what those dreams mean but, they always upset me.
    Shawn at Laughing at Life 2

  5. My dreams are pretty epic and I've written about a lot of them on my blog. From being an olympic gymnast to dating Elvis. My dreams are pretty vivid and I remember them often. They are pretty radicle though.

    I look forward to the adventures I have in my dreams.

  6. I have occasional dreams about the departed family members. Some are truly like visits and I wake up with such peace. Other dreams are stressful, and consistent with their on-earth personalities.

  7. Valerie -- I've always heard that dreams of teeth falling out mean you are going to receive some money. That's just probably something related to the Tooth Fairy fantasy and I don't take much stock in that.

    Kate -- I think that dream definitely expresses a wish that perhaps you should act upon.

    JoJo -- Wow! That is pretty freaky. You have to wonder about those kinds of dreams.

    Shawn -- I'm assuming your dreams probably express either a fear that you have or perhaps a guilt about being slow to act in past circumstances. Maybe?

    Lass -- It's good to look forward to dreams rather than be in fear of them.

    Susan -- I would imagine that these kinds of dream visitations reflect something that is going on in our lives at the time.


  8. I had posted dreams about my father in earlier comments...Interestingly since my father died a few years back he appears occassionally in dreams in which we are conversing. I eventually say "Hey dad, arent you supposed to be dead?"and he usually responds with "I was just checking in..."and then he fades out and I usually wake up.I dont think its visitation as much as my thoughts of him although people I tell of the dreams seem to think otherwise.

  9. I, too, thought about posting F for Father for the challenge, but chose forgiveness instead. Generally, my departed loved ones are not in my dreams, but I do have a rich dream life that I enjoy and love delving into.
    I loved seeing the photo of your father.

  10. Zoe -- I get the impression from your dreams that your father must have had a pretty good sense of humor.

    Susan -- That photo was always a favorite of mine when I was a kid. I used to think it made him look like he was in heaven.


  11. I so want to believe that those dreams are from the spirit world. My dad died over 40 years ago. At first he would often be in my dreams as a silent onlooker, sadly not recently though my mum died two years ago so that could explain it.

    Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

  12. What an interesting theme for the AtoZ Challenge. I've always felt that dreams are how the unconscious mind communicates with our conscious minds, but since we don't really know how the brain works and so much of our 'reality' (two dimensions, three dimensions, the cosmos, God) all works, dreams could be so much more. I haven't dreamed of family; my dreams seem to be more action-stories in color -- or symbols. One powerful dream of an atom trying to get out of a narrow, coffin-like box changed my life. BTW, thanks for the tip to turn off anonymous!

  13. What a great photo of your father. I lost my father last June and have had some dreams about him, but they have all been disturbing because they revolve around his death. I hope as more time passes I will have more comforting dreams that are more in line with his life.

    I think dreams are fascinating so I'm glad to find your blog through the A-Z. Really interesting topic!

  14. I was about to say I lost my father on December 1, but he's not lost....he's right where we left him.

    I struggle to remember dreams, so I can't say whether I dream of him or not.

    There is a lot that makes me think of him. He HATED rock music, which is, of course my passion.

    I wouldn't mind hearing him complain about my music right about now...

    To Kate, I know you did not ask, but my thought, for what it's worth-bury the hatchet and call him.

    Life is simply too f-ing short.

    I'll bet you thought you'd reconcile soon back when whatever event triggered the estrangement happened, and look how fast twenty years have passed.

    I'm sorry-I know it's not my business, but that window of opportunity is getting smaller with each passing day.


  15. Rosalind -- Dreams of the departed sometimes seem like messages from them, but I really don't think so.

    Beth - I my earliest posts in this blog I pretty much gave a similar theory of what I think dreams are.

    Julie -- The dreams about my father didn't start coming until at least a decade after he died.

    Larry --Your advice is good I think. We often don't know what we could have until we can no longer have it. Somebody has to make a first move in an estrangement.


  16. I often dream of my father. He is always in his casket He died when I was 7 and I barely remember him alive; therefor always in the casket

  17. I seldom remember dreams. I always think I'll write them down as soon as I wake up but never do. It seems I do remember a few visits from lost relatives but it's more of a feeling then a memory.
    Thanks for visiting Tattered Past

  18. I LOVE to dream. My husband rarely does and I kind of feel sorry for him.
    My mom passed away almost 11 years ago. I love it when I dream about her. It doesn't happen often, but when it does I wake up feeling content..

    Thanks for sharing.



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