Thursday, April 25, 2013

Violence ( #atozchallenge )

Violence (role-playing game)
Violence (role-playing game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
     My dreams of violence have been relatively few, but I have them now and then.  Sometimes these violent dreams will involve direct physical combat such as fist fighting or attacking someone with an object.  My dream aggression is always instigated by an attack upon me or someone whom I am trying to protect by someone who poses a very obvious threat to me or loved ones.

          In other violent dreams I may wield a weapon such as a gun or a knife.  I am not happy when I have these dreams, but I am earnest in my dream assaults.   These dreams may symbolize some kind of threat that I feel in waking life and the dream is the cathartic act of taking care of the threat that I have been sensing.  There is not so much of a sense of anger in these dreams as there is a sense of duty or determination to take care of a problem.

           Another type of violent dream that I have had involves me witnessing others engaged in violence.  These dreams are sometimes almost akin to a movie scenario where I am almost writing the script or directing the dream as I go.  Some of these dream stories have resulted in a dead body which is hidden somewhere.  At some point in these dreams the body begins to decompose and the stench of decay becomes something of concern to me and the dream cast.   I usually wake up soon after this begins to occur.

          This murder movie scenario might represent a fear that I have about something in my life.  I could be fearing that someone in my life is threatening some aspect of my life that gives me security.  There is a sense of fear in these dreams, but almost in an artificial sense as though I were watching a film.  If I wake up during this sort of dream I will usually play out the story to have some resolution.  Sometimes I've written these stories down for later use as a piece of literature.

            The violent dreams are about aggression, but they do not cause me to feel aggressive upon awakening.    I think for the most part these are story dreams with a referenced symbolism, but where the symbolism is not especially important.  The dream story is probably most related to actual bad events in my waking life that are not overtly violent, but representationally violent in the sense the events might be threatening some element of the status quo of my life.

           Have you had violet dreams?   What is the nature of the violence in your dreams?   How have you felt after waking up from a violent dream?

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  1. I can't say I have had violent dreams but dreams I rather forget I had,


  2. I used to have dreams where someone was trying to get me. Thankfully, I must have worked out whatever issue I was having. I was tired of waking up tired.

  3. I had recurring dreams about a creepy apartment where people were trying to break in and chase me. That wasn't pleasant.


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