Friday, April 24, 2015

Understanding (Elements of Dreams) #AtoZChallenge

         Dreams can help you in understanding self and the external world.   The subconscious mind reinterprets daily events as well as how you feel about your life.  If you are content and happy, your dreams will likely reflect those feelings.  If you are having dreams that frighten or discourage you then you need to take a look at your life to see what it is that might offer threats or apprehensions.

          The mind uses dreams to connect your body, soul, and environment to some sense of meaning and point to ways that you can clear up the difficulties that might be standing in your way.  Your dreams rarely hand over the answers you need in any obvious way.   It's up to you to figure things out by determining what the dream symbols represent and what you need to do with them.

         Your dreams might not deliver easy answers, but they can help but you on the road to better understanding.   Dreams are a useful tool when you take advantage of them.

         Do you ever use dreams to understand yourself and environment better?     Do you see any useful purpose to dreams and the study of those dreams?   What are some ways that you might analyze your own dreams to make them more clear to you?


  1. I try to analyze mine to come to an understanding of why I dreamt what I did. If I can remember the dream clearly enough I usually mull it over till I figure it out. Sometimes it's just nonsense, other times I am able to analyze it.

  2. With some thought, I believe you can make sense of dreams and reach an understanding of how they reflect your waking time. Sometimes dreams do just the you to understand a problem you have during your waking hours. For example, I figured out how to make a lining for a dress work in my sleep when I could not by the reading the Vogue Pattern which are known for their vague instructions. Eureeka...I should have thought of that for Letter V. Too late now...Variety of Vision Wear is done and scheduled for tomorrow.

    I've missed commenting on several of your posts, Lee. I'll try and catch up this Sunday. I've really enjoyed this Dream Scape!
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal
    AtoZ 2015 Challenge
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