Friday, April 17, 2015

Otherworldliness (Elements of Dreams) #AtoZChallenge

      Even the most normal seeming dreams have that sense of otherworldliness.  And why wouldn't they since the world of dreams is a strange place that is unlike the waking world.   Logic is sometimes turned upside down and things seem downright peculiar.

       The world of dreaming is another world than that one to which we are most accustomed.  It can be rather difficult to describe or explain.  In the dreams we might feel somewhat in the right place and yet there frequently seems to be that queasy uneasy feeling that some things are not quite as they should be.   We may not question the circumstances of that dream world, but then again we might not accept that there is any reason to question anything.

      Yet after waking we realize that we've been in a peculiar place--another world in a sense.   What might have had a certain logic in a dream becomes obviously odd to us after we awaken.  If the dreams were not odd then would they really be dreams at all?  

        The waking world can seem odd enough, but we have our senses to confirm what is happening.  We know the reality that is around us even if we might try to convince ourselves that we are dreaming or hallucinating.   If these distinctions are not there then perhaps it is time to investigate why this could be so.

         Does the world of your dream life seem like another world from the one in which you live during waking hours?   Have you ever felt like you were dreaming when everything was actually real life?    Do you enjoy the sensation of being in another world that is strange and sometimes even frightening?


  1. Thanks Arlee ... dreams are odd much of the time (for me). Yes the dream world is an unfamiliar world. We don't pay much attention to it as we are not used to looking within or the hard work required to hear the messages from ourselves. We are the author of our dreams, no-one else.

  2. Howdy do, Lee!
    When we were growing up (there were six children in my family); we would relate our dreams from the night before to my Mama. Her mother was half-Cherokee, and very superstitious, which was passed on to Mama. She believed that dreams had meaning, and that when you dreamed of a particular thing, and some event occurred later on in the day somewhat related to the dream; Mama would say, "That was the end of your dream." I always dream in color and most usually remember them for a long time. Some are so realistic, I never forget them. Best regards to you, Lee. I could talk dreams all day, but I'll let you go for now. :)

  3. I often say, "I must have dreamt that", so yes, some dreams feel like they are 'real world life'. I must be firmly rooted in reality as my dreams are too.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal
    AtoZ 2015 Challenge
    Minion for AJ's wHooligans

  4. Oh my dreams can definitely be otherworldly and as long as they aren't scary or sinister, I do enjoy them.


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