Saturday, April 11, 2015

Juncture (Elements of Dreams) #AtoZChallenge

        Remembered dreams are the subconscious mind activity found at the juncture between sleep and wakefulness.  In some cases the imagery or circumstances of the dream story might be so jarring to us that we will awaken from sleep.  If we hold on to that dream memory to think about it for a while or even write it down, then we have a greater likelihood of remembering that dream for a longer period.  The longer the dream is cemented into the waking mind,  the more intense the dream memory will be.

        Dreams of deeper sleep from which we do not awaken are not remembered--or at least more unlikely to be.  It is almost essential for there to be a juncture between sleep with dreaming and wakefulness.    Sleep is resistant to the type of memory experience during waking time since sleep is a state when the conscious mind is at rest and not processing stimuli in the same active manner as it would when awake.

          The juncture between sleep dreaming and waking up is similar to stepping out of a lonely dark room into a light room filled with people and activity.  We have a greater awareness of the well lit environment while memory of the darkened room is soon forgotten as we focus on the things that we see around us.  The light stimulus and the activity around us makes us more cognizant as the solitude of darkness offers nothing quite as meaningful as reality.

           The dark quiet room of dreams is an important place that when we allow ourselves to embrace it with our minds we can appreciate what that place had to offer to us.  Yet it is a place of rest and looking inward that should not take the place of the waking world where our true life-sustaining activity takes place.

          Do you have a difficult time waking from sleep?    Are you excited about waking up in the morning?     Have you ever to your recollection remembered a dream from deep sleep long after you've awakened without experiencing a juncture directly between the dream and waking?


  1. I have difficulty sleeping so I wake up frequently and have trouble going back to sleep. I did have a vivid dream this morning though. I was back in my apt. building in SF and I was furious w/ my first husband b/c he was drunk again so I pushed him down the stairs. He had to go to the hospital but didn't remember that I pushed him. I felt really guilty. Then there was something about decorative keys and locks, and being on the phone with a new neighbour, then I was in a cold, icy parking lot at a beach and the waves were all slushy from the cold (which actually did happen this winter on Nantucket).

  2. Hello there.
    I must just be old...I have difficulty remembering things from one day to the next! (lol)
    Thanks for sharing.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess

  3. Excited about waking up!?! Seriously, are you joking? I love and adore sleep and Saturday is the only day I can sleep in. I'm happy I do wake up. The other option isn't pleasant. But excited, never! Give me three cups of coffee and then we'll talk about the possibility of being excited.
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  4. Thanks Arlee for this. You make an interesting analogy with the dark room and entering a well lit environment. No I have no problem waking and getting on with the day! Sometimes I don't write down an important dream believing I will remember it but on waking I've forgotten it. On occasion that dream will come back to be, especially if I'm sort of day dreaming in waking life. And then of course I write it down.. and am VERY grateful that it returned!

  5. I usually cling onto my dreams as I start to come round and sometimes try to slip back into them. I am able to lucid dream and sometimes waking up and then drifting off again I can change and control things.

    Sometimes I wake up with a start and go straight from dreaming to waking which takes me a moment to adjust and work out where I am. :-)

    Cait @ Click's Clan

  6. I can never remember my dreams though I do know I have them.
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