Thursday, April 30, 2015

Zero (Elements of Dreams) #AtoZChallenge

       Coming up zero can account for so many dream situations.   Not having money, at loss for an answer, confusion as to where one is going.  I've had many dream situations where I can be frustrated or even in a near panic because I have zero idea where something is or even why I am doing something.  This is a situation that we confront in waking life so it only seems natural to have it happen in our dreams.

         How often do you come up zero in your dreams?   Do your "zero" dreams reflect actual happenings in your life or are they more related to your fears of the situation happening someday?    Dreams about finding money are somewhat common, but do you recall ever actually spending money in your dreams?  

The Next A to Z Event

        That's the last of the A to Z alphabet posts for 2015, but that doesn't mean the Challenge is completely over.   Now there's just one more thing--The A to Z Reflections Post.   This is the annual tradition where A to Z participants look back on their Challenge experience to let the rest of us know what they think about it all.

          You can tell us about what went right or wrong, what was good or bad, and what you'd like to see happen with future challenges.   Tell us about favorite blog discoveries or which of your own posts did best.   There are no rules as to what your Reflections will be.   It's up to you.

         For this Reflections event the Linky will officially appear at the A to Z Blog site on May 4th and stay open until May 8th.  You will enter the exact link for your Reflections post and not your general blog URL.

         Since A Faraway View will be returning to its usual Thursday schedule, my Reflections post for this blog will appear on Monday May 4th with no new post available until Thursday May 14th.

         Thanks for reading the posts at A Faraway View!


  1. Can't say that I've had dreams like sure would be awesome to find money in my dream and wake up to find out it wasn't a dream.

  2. I have had dreams where I was so convinced that I had received money that I looked for it after I woke up.


  3. I was just going to apologise for not having visited your blog sooner.... Lee, you're here AS WELL! How do you do it?

    I've been having very weird dreams lately. I put it down to stress...

    Congrats on finishing what must be your 50th A to Z if you count each blog you've done it with :D

  4. I'm with Jemima, I have no clue how you do all your blogs. I will catch up with reading all of your A2z though.

    As far as dreams of money. The rare occasion I have dreams about money is true in life, I don't have much LOL. I don't dream spending it!


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