Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sex (Elements of Dreams) #AtoZChallenge

      One of the most common elements of dreams is sex.   There can be any number of interpretations of a dream about sex and several reasons that one might have dreams about sex.  Generally a sex dream would indicate desire, a wish for dominating another, or a fear resulting from a threat of another person.

       The desire part is easy enough.   Our dreams often merely depict something that we are wishing for.  The partner in the dream might not be one that we would really want in waking life, but the meaning behind that depiction would have to be something determined by self-analysis.  The main components to consider in a desire dream would be who we were with, where the act had occurred, what were the circumstances of the encounter, and how the situation made us feel.

        Some sex dreams are not really about sex at all, but they actually refer to our wish to dominate, control, or humiliate another person in our lives.  Once again how we feel about the situation is an important determinant as to the possible meaning of the dream.

         Sex dreams that induce fear are again not so much about sex as they are about real or perceived threats.   If you have a dream of this nature you should carefully consider what the dream is telling you and perhaps heed the warning delivered by the dream.  Often it is nothing but a matter of something thought or heard about the person in the dream.   In some cases the dream encounter might be a symbolic representation of something totally unrelated to anything sexual.   It's up to you to read carefully the dream story and emotions to determine whether these dreams are important to your waking life or something else entirely that has nothing to do with the person about whom you dreamed.

          Have you ever dreamed of a totally absurd encounter with someone that you would not have otherwise thought about in a sexual context?   Do you have recurring nightmares of a sexual nature?  Do sex dreams typically make you feel positive or negative?


  1. Before I finally moved east I had sex dreams about Russell....of course now that we are together and, um, getting it regularly, I don't have those dreams much anymore. lol I find that I've had more romantic type dreams about people - closeness, hugging, kissing, that made me wake up having feelings or a crush on them (either real life people or actors), moreso than sex.

  2. Thanks Arlee, interesting post! I've been in a clinch with people before in my dreams and it always surprises me ... it's been intense and warm and special. I've woken up before it proceeds any further though .. and written it down to ponder over ..


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