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Pulp Fiction #atozchallenge

Pulp Fiction
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         The first time I went to see Pulp Fiction (1994) in the theater I left at the end feeling confused and even a bit angry.  I had heard so much about this film prior to seeing it that I was expecting to be blown away by it.  As the days passed I kept thinking about the film.  This is always a sign to me that the film was better than I thought and it needed repeated viewings for me to fully understand.   So I went back to the theater to see it again.  There are not many films that I am willing to go to the theater more than once to see.

         I have seen this film many times since and have gained a great appreciation for what Tarantino did with the film.  The story is presented in an unorthodox timeline that is confusing on first viewing.  There are a series of vignettes and interconnected stories that at times seem to be unconnected.  The film is multilayered with an array of interesting characters.  The end result is a film that is almost dreamlike in a sense.  There is a certain surrealism  and absurdity to much of the movie.

         Tarantino's clever manipulation of time and story is considered gimmicky by some, but I think it has an element of creative genius.  Pulp Fiction has been highly influential while Tarantino has established himself as a screenwriter and director of great significance in the world of film entertainment.  Violent?  Yes, but in a crazy sort of way not unlike the violence in the films of David Lynch.

           This is not a film for everyone, but those who can deal with a bit of roughness in a film can handle this one easily.  There are far more violent and gruesome films out there.  It's mature entertainment, but not particularly offensive by general standards.  For those who can deal with the thematic material in this film, this is a film that can bear repeated viewings.

            Have you seen Pulp Fiction?   If so, did the film confuse you?   Do you like movies where events are presented out of the sequence of the actual story timeline?

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  1. I never saw it. I heard it was graphically violent and I don't like that stuff. As long as the movie ties the sequences together I don't mind it.

  2. Lee-

    When I saw this in the theater, the shooting in the car scene amazed me.

    Tarantino got the entire audience to laugh at the scene, but many of us then cringed when we realized what we had laughed at.

    This is one of those movies that if it happens to be on, I have to watch until the end.

    But in my opinion, this was his masterpiece-he's never come close.


  3. I saw clips of it, as I walked through the living room, and my husband and son were watching it.

    My son said, "Oh, Mom. You can't watch this film.!" Just about the time he said that, something violent happened.

    So, I guess the answer is no.

  4. JoJo -- I guess you probably wouldn't like it, but it is good.

    Larry --Django Unchained was pretty good, but not a film I'd want to see in a theater where I was the only white guy. I liked the Nazi movie too. Tarantino has a knack of putting in funny scenes that are really somewhat inappropriate to laugh about--but still.

    Susan K-- But the story telling is pretty clever.


  5. I hate Pulp Fiction with a passion. In fact there has only been one Tarantino film I have really enjoyed and that was Django. I dont buy into hype about films and this was such a case. I also dont like Uma Thurman. Not a good blend for me.

    Inglorious Basterds was rubbish bar two brilliant scenes. Your review is very good but it doesnt change my mind about the film I'm afraid ;-)

  6. This film evokes some strong opinions, which to me says it has something going for it. Every day films get comments like, "I enjoyed it." "It was okay."

    I haven't seen it, but I'll have to give it a try after reading this.

  7. sdk--- I'm surprised that you'd prefer Django Unchained over Pulp Fiction. The former was so graphically violent and gory to the extreme--very cartoony, but good. The latter I thought was far more intelligent with a more interesting framing device for the story. I'm no big Uma fan either, but she's okay. The hype was probably what made me so disappointed in Pulp Fiction initially, but after I started thinking about it on my own I started seeing its merits.

    C.Lee--There is a sharp divide on this film. If I had stayed with my initial reaction and seen it only once I would probably be in the "I didn't like it" crowd. It's a film that calls for at least a second viewing.


  8. I saw this movie for exactly the same reason you did and came out feeling exactly the same way. I've since seen parts of it, but really was left with a feeling of disappointment, which I often am when seeing a film that doesn't seem to have a point to it, a beginning, middle and end. I think I'll have to watch it again now... QT is confusing to me as a director. I couldn't stand the Kill Bills either, but loved Inglorious Bastards. I liked Crash, as a movie filmed out of sync. It seemed to have a purpose to it, which for me, Pulp Fiction lacked. I'll go revisit it!


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