Monday, April 7, 2014

Fitzcarraldo #atozchallenge

German film poster (Wikipedia)

           The very concept of Werner Herzog's Fitzcarraldo (1982) sounds like something out of a dream.  Inspired by a true story, Klaus Kinski plays the title character who is a dreamer schemer in early 20th century Peru.  Opera lover Brian Sweeny "Fitzcarraldo" Fitzgerald dreams of building a grand opera house in Iquitos.  In order to raise the money to fulfill his dream he acquires the rights to rubber trees in a remote jungle region.  He devises a wild plan to enlist the aid of local natives to pull a steamship over a mountain in order to pick up the rubber and transport it back down the river.   It's a crazy beautiful surrealistic adventure.

          The trailer that I've included here gives an idea of some of the images to be found in this incredible film.  There is also a "making of" documentary called Burden of Dreams (1982) that tells the story of the hardships faced in creating Fitzcarraldo.   If you watch the film you should see the documentary afterwards.  One story is as amazing and dreamlike as the other.

           Have you seen Fitzcarraldo?    Do you enjoy watching "making of" documentaries about a film you've watched?   Do you have problems watching films that are subtitled?


  1. I haven't seen this movie, or ever heard of what this man tried to do! What an idea! I have no problem watching films with subtitles, in fact, I prefer it to dubbed films. I like to hear the original voices. I also like to watch "Making of" docs if I've really enjoyed the movie. I like that about bonus features that come on some DVDs now. BTW, the movie link you put in isn't working...says it's crashed. :(

  2. I don't do subtitles at all usually b/c I am often on my laptop, cross stitching or colouring when something is on and so I am listening while glancing at the TV from time to time!

    I love watching documentaries about films, but I have to say the one for The Shining kinda ruined the illusion of being a fly on the wall and watching the Torrence family. It kinda takes the menace out of Jack Nicholson to see him preparing to shoot each psycho scene and talk to the cameramen after the director says 'cut'.

  3. Lisa -- I tested the link and it's still working. But have been a temporary thing on your computer. This film is well worth your time if you don't mind the subtitles.

    JoJo-- I sometimes half watch TV while doing other things, but when I watch a movie I like it to be on my big screen TV and devote my total attention to it. Sometimes the "making of" documentaries are a bit like watching a backstage expose of how an illusion show works. Still I enjoy watching those documentaries.


  4. Bizarre. But then again, you said it was Werner Herzog, so that kind of goes without saying...

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity


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