Saturday, April 26, 2014

Waking Life #atozchallenge

Cover of "Waking Life"
Cover of Waking Life

            Waking Life (2001) is another must see dream film.  This film adheres most closely to dream time and unraveling of events than any film I've see.  There is not much of a coherent story, but rather a connected series of dreams.  The dreams in some cases make reference to earlier dreams in the film while others refer to actual waking life.  This is another one of those films where what is dream and what is real is not always evident.   Ironically the film would probably have been more appropriately named "Dream Life" since most, or maybe all of the film occurs in dreams.

            Much of the dialogue in Waking Life concerns matters of philosophy and dream theory which makes this film a rather thought-provoking intellectual experience. The film is animated but through a process where actual actors were filmed first and then the entire film was made cartoonish.  It's an interesting effect that you may have seen in commercials and other short films.

           You can find a more in depth analysis of Waking Life on this blog in a previous post.

           Have you seen Waking Life?   Do you enjoy animated films?    Are you interested in seeing films that mostly consist of dialog on matters of philosophy and other intellectual issues?

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  1. I am clearly out of touch, movie-wise! I've not heard of this one either. I don't mind animated films as long as they don't start singing. I just cannot stand musicals (read: Disney). There was a movie I saw years ago...can't remember the name...but it was only 2 famous actors and extremely heavy on philosophical dialog. It's from the 70s...cannot remember the name at all. Do you know the one I mean?

  2. I haven't seen Waking Life, but find that I'm not a great "Woody Allen Film" fan. I know this one isn't by WA but he, lately, has so much dialog and not much storyline that I don't enjoy his films. Also, a film I remember that might fit the description JoJo wrote about is "Sleuth," 1972, with Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier. I loved that film...

  3. JoJo -- I don't watch many animated films anymore. I used to when my kids were little. See Lisa's answer for your film query.

    Lisa-- This film is very far from a Woody Allen film. It's more like something you might watch in a philosophy class, but it's entertaining. I've watched this one several time including with the sound dubbed in Spanish and with English subtitles. That was for my wife's benefit since Spanish is her first language.



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