Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Twelve Monkeys #atozchallenge

12 Monkeys
12 Monkeys (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

         Twelve Monkeys (1995) is a dystopian science-fiction film by Terry Gilliam.  In this film Bruce Willis plays James Cole, a convicted criminal who in order to gain pardon is sent back in time to find the source of a virus which has devastated the world and bring back a sample so that a cure can be developed.  Throughout his life Cole has been tormented by a mysterious dream.   He discovers the meaning of the dream when he travels back in time.

         Brad Pitt was nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar for his role in this film.  The film was nominated for a number of other awards and is highly regarded by critics.  Twelve Monkeys is an outstanding science fiction thriller and well worth viewing by anyone who appreciates this genre.

        Have you seen Twelve Monkeys?    Do you enjoy dystopian films that are more entrenched in the drama and action than the intricacies of the science?     Have you ever been visited by recurring dreams that you can't understand why you dream them?

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  1. I never even heard of this film. Wasn't Terry Gilliam a member of Monty Python? This movie sounds kind of dark vs. the comedy I am used to. I have no idea what 'dystopian' means so I don't know if I like those kinds of films.

    I do have recurring dreams but I pretty much know what they mean.

  2. I've seen 12 Monkeys and it was very well done. I don't have recurring dreams, usually but I do remember my dreams a lot. It thought it very interesting that Terry Gilliam did this movie...


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