Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yellow Submarine #atozchallenge

Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine (Photo credit: Sahara León)

            Yellow Submarine (1968) is an animated film inspired by the music of the Beatles and particularly the song "Yellow Submarine".    The fact that this film is a cartoon gives it a dreamlike aura.   The psychedelic LSD-like trip appearance of the film provides an added dimension of a dream type experience.  In all, the film is a fun romp that can be enjoyed on many levels which makes it family affair that will amuse adults and tickle the kids.

           The main star in this film is the music.  Popular Beatles songs are mixed with wonderful orchestral numbers by composer George Martin.   The soundtrack is a delight.   The animation is fun and visually appealing.  The story is nonsensical and imaginative.   If you like the music of the Beatles and enjoy animated films then you can't go too wrong spending ninety minutes with Yellow Submarine.

         Have you seen Yellow Submarine?     Do you enjoy films that are based on songs?    Does psychedelia in movies appeal to you?

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  1. Finally a movie I've seen AND love! I'm not a beatles fan but I do love this. I remember seeing it on TV when I was very little and I've loved it since. So many pretty colours, great puns and tunes. I like psychedelia in movies, yes. Have you ever seen the animated 'Wizards'? That one is dreamlike and psychedelic...and troubling too.

  2. We saw the "Yellow Submarine" and hated it. We did enjoy "Sargent Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band", but it was with the Bee-Gees.

  3. the psychedelic LSD-like trip appearance

    I'm thinking it's not just LSD-like, but an actual transcription of an acid trip!


  4. JoJo-- I have not seen Wizards--I'll have to watch for it. Glad I finally listed a movie you like.

    Susan Kane -- Most critics feel the opposite from you. I'm not sure I've seen SGT. Pepper.

    Bish-- A good addition to a film library.

    Larry --I didn't want to say it exactly that way, but yes maybe. At least it's the way acid trips are often perceived in film and written descriptions. I'd like to have an acid trip that vivid and hallucinatory. Yeah, I'll say it here. Who's going to see it.

    Now watch this post go viral and everybody read my comment.


  5. I can't count how many times I've seen the Yellow Submarine. Used to know every word by heart. A classic that will go down in history as a great, in my opinion!Have you ever seen "Fantastic Planet?"

  6. I love the Beatles music, but the Moody Blues are still my favorite.

  7. Lisa -- I have not seen Fantastic Planet but I see it gets very good reviews over all.

    J Hanna --- I also enjoy the Moody Blues. I wonder if any of their music has been used in soundtracks. It would make good movie background music.



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