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Repulsion & Roma #atozchallenge

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           I'm going to start the week off with another two fer.   With these two films in the running I couldn't  pick just one.

         Repulsion (1965) is a psychological horror film by director Roman Polanski.  Catherine Deneuve plays a psychologically unbalanced young woman who is left alone while her sister goes on vacation.  The film explores the mental deterioration and unravelling of the woman as she becomes delusional and hallucinatory.   There are some very subtle dreamlike effects.  The film is in black and white and has minimal dialogue.

        The horror and violence is not graphic and there is much that is merely insinuated, but the film has several good shock moments that may take you by surprise.   The ending is among my favorites in film.  It's simple with a subtlety like the film itself presents.

Cover of "Fellini's Roma"
Cover of Fellini's Roma

          For me Fellini's Roma (1972) is one of the ultimate dreamlike films.   Though there is a sort of a story or series of connected stories based on the life of Federico Fellini, the memoir aspect is used more to illustrate the story of the history the origins of Rome and the spirit of twentieth century Rome.  The film is an affectionate travelogue of sorts albeit a very unorthodox one.  In Roma the movie, the city is seen through the eyes of memory and the analysis of what the city has become, where it may be going, and what it might remain for many years to come.

         The often bizarre images of the film are likely to stay with the viewer for a very long time.  Some segments seem as though they are actual recreations of dreams.   Whatever the case this is one of the most magical, often funny, always thought-provoking films that I have seen.  For those who can deal with subtitles I highly recommend Roma, though due to the visual experience I think the film can be enjoyed without paying attention to the subtitles.

           Have you seen Repulsion or Roma?   Do you enjoy non-graphic mind-bending horror films?    Do you enjoy travelogue films?

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  1. I've never seen them but they don't sound like my cup of tea anyway. I don't like horror at all...except 'The Shining' which is so over the top that I end up laughing.

  2. Have not seen them, but they appear to be very much classic films that will be used in film classes.

    I am not a fan of ghost, evil movies. Saw The Shining once and that was enough.

  3. I haven't seen either of these but Repulsion sounds intriguing!


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