Tuesday, April 24, 2012

United States of America

         Uh, that's the psychedelic rock group not the country.   United States of America was an inventive group that appeared on the rock music scene in 1967 and disappeared soon after, but not before leaving behind one incredible album.  The band members were all highly skilled serious musicians who went on to distinguished careers after their short forays into the rock music world.

         In my opinion the album by USofA is one of the best psychedelic albums of all time.  For that reason I offer another cut from the album--something a bit more mellow.

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  1. Not really my type of music Lee, but everyone has different tastes.


  2. The second one is so soothing! Very meditative!

    The video is stunning!


  3. I've never hear of them, but I really liked the Cloud Song. Perfect to put on at the end of a long and crazy day. Thanks for sharing. (:

  4. Cool Videos... have to run out the door but will be back later to watch in full.

    V is for A Tap Dancing Vagina on Main Street Arts


  5. Definitely music to do drugs to. LOL

  6. Yvonne -- The music is an acquired taste I suppose.

    Betty-- "Clouds" is very dreamy.

    Elise -- "Clouds" is nice music to relax to.

    Arthur - My favorite video is the first. Definitely reminiscent of the 60s scene.

    Faraway Eyes -- It was one of my favorites--so layered and diverse in sound. I still enjoy listening to the album though.


  7. I have to admit that I had never heard of them Lee. I really like the 'Cloud Song'. The first one you put up though...let's just say that psychedelic music has never been a favorite of mine. I can't put my finger on it exactly. Almost said that it's too chaotic, but seeing as how I love alternative rock that cannot be it. Who knows :)

  8. Tracy -- The psychedelic music definitely has a lot to do with state of mind.

    Jaye -- Thanks for stopping by.



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