Saturday, April 7, 2012

Philip Glass

             Philip Glass is a modern classical composer who has been classified as a minimalist, but who prefers to think of himself as a composer of "music with repetitive structures".   Glass has a large body of work ranging from compositions for solo instruments to full orchestra.  He has composed music for several films.

           The hypnotic nature of his music can place the listener into a trance-like state of mind.   The music lends itself well to inducing dream states as well as possibly influencing dreams of a sleeper.

            The music sample included today is accompanied by a lovely surrealistic video that is much like a dream.

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  1. Both beautiful to watch and listen to Lee.

    Happy Easter.


  2. That is a very cool video.

    I am trying to read all the A to Z blogs, but coming back to the ones I really like.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do all month!

    The Other Side
    The Freedom of Nonbelief

  3. thanks for the blurbs on these artists. i'm impressed you are keeping up w/2 blogs in a to z

  4. What an incredible composer! Thanks for sharing his work, Lee!

    I thought the music was incredible- it really does have the potential trance effect! I started drifting!

    Enjoy the break - I'm sure you will continue to be inspired throughout the entire challenge!

  5. The music was a delight and I closed my eyes and floated with it.

    Just to dream, what a lovely thought!

    Thanks for sharing it with me.

    Happy Easter!

  6. I love the imagery here, not making any analysis only falling into the music and the dream. Lovely choice, lovely music.

  7. BOIDMAN ~
    This may be the first musical composition I've heard by Philip Glass other than his soundtrack to 'Koyaanisqatsi', my all-time favorite movie.

    I dig the movie soundtrack, too, and have owned it in various music formats - first on cassette, then LP, and now on compact disc.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  8. I loved listening to that! And the video was amazing; I especially liked the part where she was dancing with the dragonfly.

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

  9. Yvonne -- You have a blessed Easter as well.

    Tim -- I feel honored. Thank you.

    Tara -- Preparing these posts ahead of time helped.

    Betty -- Glass has been a prolific composer for several decades.

    Jenni -- The music of Glass is very trance-inducing.

    Charlotte -- I thought the video was very beautifully done to the music.

    StMc-- I actually had you in mind when I chose a piece by Glass.

    Golden E-- The video is quite enchanting.


  10. Lovely choice of music and visuals.

    Hope you have a beautiful Easter Lee.

  11. I'm honored! Obviously you remembered my love for 'Koy' and for the P.G. soundtrack he composed for it. (Two great tastes that tasted great together.)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  12. This was enchanting, I'd never heard of Philip Glass before, so glad I stopped by this blog, will have to check out your others. Stay blessed! Amanda

    Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
    Art Blog


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