Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Incredible String Band

             How does one adequately describe this group?  Some may say they sound weird.  That was my initial reaction when I first heard the album The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, but this opinion soon changed as I began to understand the genius of what The Incredible String Band were doing.  I became hooked and began buying every ISB album I could get my hands on.

            That was forty years ago and I still listen them.  They sound as fresh and as magical now as they did when I first began listening to them.   So how would I describe them?  The name of the band says it all.   This is incredible dream music.

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  1. Yes they do sound increible.
    Loved the post.


  2. I would describe them as dreamy. Lovely.

    Just visiting you from the A-Z. Try to get around to people I don't know. I've followed too. Nice to meet you.


  3. Can't disagree. Definitely dreamy.

  4. Well, this one takes me down memory lane. It's been a loooonnnnng time.

  5. They are definitely dreamy! Visiting from the A-Z challenge.


  6. A delayed thanks to all who visited this post.



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