Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Claude Debussy

           The art form of Impressionism is a hazy, shimmering style that began with the visual expression of painting and eventually found its way into the music scene.  Claude Debussy is the most well-known of the composers of Impressionistic music.

          Debussy's music is perfect as a prelude to that lazy summer afternoon nap or just those quiet times that are meant for daydreaming.  Late at night you might find yourself listening to "Claire de Lune", the piece sampled in this post.

           This song takes me back to my earliest childhood memories when I used to listen to a version that was on a 78 vinyl that my parents owned.   It's a melancholy song of longing, contemplation, and dreams.  It is a thing of sublime beauty and wonderment.

            "Claire de Lune" has been recorded in many styles by many artists.   More recently it was heard in the popular film Twilight.   Debussy's exquisite composition is among the best of dream music one can find.

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  1. I love Clare de Lune, used to play it on the piano. Most interesting to read Lee.


  2. This is a great tune and the video also is lovely, very dreamlike :)

    Universal Gibberish

  3. I totally agree with you. Debussy's music is evocative of that vague dream-like feeling, full of meaning but hazy in the specifics.

    I adore his "La Mer" and "Nocturns", especially the "Sirens" movement at the end. And "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair" is as enchanting a piece of music as can be. :-)

  4. Love it, perfect D post for a dreamer :)

  5. Wonderful dream music...also reminds me of rocking my son to sleep when a baby. Beautiful, peaceful, magical. Nice to be in A to Z with you

  6. Yvonne -- "Clair de Lune" is a piano classic.

    Anna -- Somebody did a very nice job with this video.

    LJR --"La Mer" and "Afternoon of a Faun" are two of my absolute favorites. So evocative and haunting.

    Lost -- That's Debussy!

    Donna -- Thanks for stopping. Debussy's music is good for calming babies.


  7. The Everly Bros were one of my mums favourits acts when she was young and she still has a stack of their singles from the 60s. I like this song though.

  8. Lovely post. Have always loved Claire de Lune, but never really knew much about Debussy or his role in Impressionistic music. Hmmm, yet another new something to go read up about:) Thanks for the post:)

    D is for 'Donkeyskin'

  9. Thank you for the additional comments on this post.


  10. I've always loved Clare de Lune - truly a dreamy piece.


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