Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Roy Orbison

Roy OrbisonCover of Roy Orbison

        When I first heard Roy Orbison's recording of "Oh, Pretty Woman",  I was just entering my second year of  junior high school in Merrillville, Indiana.  I absolutely fell in love with the song.  Orbison's plaintive voice really added to the yearning that the song expressed--a yearning that I as a young adolescent understood so well.

          After that hit, Roy Orbison was on my radar as he came up with one hit after another over the next few decades.  In the 1980s, surrealistic film director David Lynch included Orbison's "In Dreams" in a bizarre sequence of his film Blue Velvet.  At first offended, Orbison later recognized the ingenious use of the song in the film sequence.

         As his career was experiencing a resurgence, Roy Orbison died from a heart attack in 1988 at age 52.  His haunting catalog of music would make a good soundtrack for anyone's dreams.

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  1. Snap Lee I have done a Roy Orbison song.......Only the Lonely.
    I like all his songs had the pleasure of seeing him here in the UK.


  2. Always loved Roy Orbison and his songs. I totally forgot about the Blue Velvet connection, but seeing the clip with the oxygen mask cleared my head and brought it all back.

  3. One of my favorites! Just something about his voice -- and those dark glasses.

  4. Yvonne had Orbison first...

    I thought of you when I finalized my post for today reflecting on the ballad "Our House" by CSNY. Remember the dreamy phrase "now everything is easy cuz of you...?"
    Here's the house 30 yrs hence---> Our House

  5. Orbison was a master. There'll never be another like him. The movie, Blue Velvet, however, I didn't like so much. Too weird.


  6. Yvonne -- It's Roy Orbison Day! He deserves the tribute.

    Em-- Orbison came in my radar when "Pretty Woman" first came out. Blue Velvet but a interesting spin on the "In Dreams" song.

    Mary -- I was always intrigued by his dark glasses.

    Moondust -- "Our House" is a great song from one of my favorite albums. I'll stop by.

    Lucy -- I think the weirdness of the world is the main theme of the film. Think of the ordinariness of the opening and close of the film contrasted with the weirdness in the middle. It was a shocking film in many ways, but it presented an interesting message and was ingeniously presented in the way David Lynch does so well.


  7. Love Orbison! He had such a clear operatic voice. There was sometimes a moment when I'd wonder if he'd hit that note, but he always did. Beautiful.

  8. Roy Orbison was such a great crooner. He had a very distinctive voice. We had a record of his that I used to listen to over and over. Talented songwriter too. I'm over from A to Z if you feel like popping over to say hi. Catherine

  9. I always liked Roy, whether alone or with The Traveling Wilburys.

  10. Bish -- I never thought in terms of operatic for Orbison, but I can hear what you're saying.

    Catherine -- Thanks for stopping by. I'll be over shortly.

    Faraway eyes -- Hmmm--I might be inclined to show preference for the Wilburys as a whole, but Roy did some great solo stuff.


  11. Orbison was a truly unique performer with a distinctive sound.

  12. Never quite sure why but I have always loved Rock House by Roy.

  13. There is just something about his voice. It can truly take you anywhere. I imagine he'll be singing in my head when I pass from this life into whatever awaits me. Thanks for sharing his music today. I turned it on today and my husband said, "Who's that?" Oh honey, where have you been?


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