Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ordinary World

          The dream world is an extraordinary place that defies logic and all to which we are accustomed.   There are the inklings that hint at reality and threads that seem to connect us to the world we know.  In a dream, we might feel secure, reluctant to wake up into the ordinary world.   Dreams don't last forever, but they are like vacations from waking life.

          Does 'dream ordinary' seem the same as what you see as ordinary in your waking life?    Do you ever wish that the extraordinary world of your dreams would become your normal existence?    When your dreams reflect your everyday existence do you remember them less?

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  1. My dreams have always been a bit surreal. If they were like real life then what a strange world we'd live in!

  2. Nice post Lee! I love this song. You know, I used to have the most vivid dreams, and ordinary in my dreams would have been completely bizarre and unacceptable in my waking life. I wouldn't have wanted to live in my dreams because some of them were quite horrible. These days I don't actually remember many of my dreams, and the ones I do remember fade quickly after I wake up, unless I write them down.


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