Thursday, August 21, 2014

Then I Close My Eyes

        There are times when I am tired--so tired.  Fatigued.  Perhaps after a long day of driving or a stressful ordeal.  Perhaps I am worried or angry or confused.  My brain goes a million miles a minute.  I long for sleep.  I crave sleep.  I want desperately to sleep and to dream.   Eventually my body seems to melt.   And then I close my eyes...

         Are there times when you are so tired that you find it difficult to go to sleep?   How are your dreams affected when you are in that state?   Do you really get a good night's rest when you are like this?

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  1. Love Gilmour. LOVE him. Thanks for this beauty, Lee!

  2. I have trouble sleeping no matter if I'm exhausted or not. Most of the time I can't shut my brain off.

  3. We tell our minds that nobody in our lineage have ever achieved what we are dreaming about, hence we may as well forget it. We tell our minds that what we are capable of achieving runs in the family. We tell our mind that we do not have what it takes to make our dreams come true. We tell our minds to forget about dreams and get on with the hassles of everyday living, paying of bills and waiting for the next pay day...

    ilchi lee prayer of peace


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