Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Summer Place

       I'm sure we all have at least one summer place in our memories.  Most of us probably have many.  Places of happy times that make us smile when we think back on them.  Or hazy memories that cause us to drift into dreams of places and times that we kind of remember, but not exactly.  Were they real times?   Or do some memories exist in an almost inaccessible place somewhere between reality and a distant netherworld?   Were we only dreaming?  Are we dreaming now?   Funny how memory sometimes plays little tricks on us.

         What special summer places and memories appear in your sleep and day dreams?     Can you think of any memories that you suspect may have been actually imagined though seemingly real?   If you could revisit one special time of your life what would it be?


  1. Now I have 'theme to a summer place' stuck in my head...which is a good thing b/c I have always loved that song!!!! I used to have recurring dreams about beachcombing here on Cape Cod, mostly at Spring Hill Beach where my dad owned a cottage when I was little. It was my fave place b/c it was a private beach, so very quiet and not filled with tourists like the town beaches.

    However, if I were to revisit a special time in my life, it would be the Grateful Dead years, 1987-1995. I would have gone to more shows.

  2. I think about the county fair. The lights and the sense of mystery as I walked around with girlfriends. Memories of eyes cast down when some good looking boy walks by. The smell of popcorn and cotton candy.

    I also remember how disillusioned I was when I grew older, and saw the fair grounds in day light. So sad.

  3. I love the Theme from a Summer Place! Nice choice.
    If I think of far away summers, I'm always reminded of our cottage in Trenton, Ontario. The smell of the railway tracks in the heat of the day is something I remember well. Back in those days there was always a guy in the caboose, and we would wait for the whole train to go by so we could wave! Caboose guy always waved back, which made us feel pretty good.


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