Thursday, July 31, 2014


        Have you ever woken up screaming?   I'm not particularly prone to nightmares--at least not the wake up screaming variety.  My version of nightmares are typically more akin to watching a horror film--scary, but somewhat interesting entertainment.  There are dreams that may waken me into what is a very uneasy state, but those are not the terror type dreams that leave me shaking and afraid.    My version of nightmares leave me more worried or paranoid than terrified.

            Are you prone to having frightening nightmares?    What scares you in a dream?    Have you ever been tormented by frequent recurring nightmares?

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  1. I've had some recurring dreams with a sinister edge to it. Like the dreams that contain what I always called 'creepy room'. The only time I really remember yelling out in my sleep was right after my dad died and I was here for the funeral. I woke myself up because I'd yelled. It was loud enough that I woke up my mom downstairs. My bad dreams usually leave me with awful, sad feelings the next day.

  2. I used to have nightmares on occasion, but not for some while.

    They always involved trying to save someone or something. Nothing evil.


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