Thursday, July 10, 2014


        A reverie is a state of dreamy meditation.  Impressionistic composer Claude Debussy was the master of dreamy meditative music.   Here is a short piece--an orchestrated version of a piece originally written for piano.  If you're looking for good music for contemplation and relaxation, Debussy's music might be just what you are looking for.

           Are you familiar with the music of Claude Debussy?   Do you like the music and visual art from the impressionistic period?    What is your favorite relaxation music?

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  1. I'm really only familiar with Prelude to an Afternoon with a Faun (I think that's the name). I like to relax to the Grateful Dead.

  2. hey Lee! Good to be back. I love Debussy! I love most classical, except for the German operas...don't care for Wagner.
    When it comes to relaxing to music, it entirely depends upon what kind of mood I'm in. I've relaxed to everything from Happy by Pharell, to Vivaldi's Four Seasons, to Terence Trent D' just depends and I love it all!

  3. JoJo-- I also love that Prelude by Debussy--so dreamy.

    Eve--I'm eclectic in that same way. What I listen to often depends on my mood.



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