Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Song of Summer

          Sometimes an analogy is made between a lifetime and the passing of the seasons of a year.  This song would have come from the summer of my life if I were to use that analogy.  Fortunately a lifetime consists of many cycles of the seasons.   Our dreams interpret our days, months, years, and eventually our lifetime.  I wonder if in our final seconds of life we have a dream that reveals all.

            Do you ever think of the cycle of your own life in terms of seasons?    What are your songs of summer?    Do you believe that when you cross over into death that you will see your life pass before your eyes?

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  1. I don't like that last question! lol I have a lot of songs of summer though. I am not sure that I've thought of my life in seasons except maybe when I used to go see Grateful Dead shows. Then life revolved around spring tour, summer tour, fall tour and the New Years shows.

  2. I am a Winter with its rain and snow.
    Songs of summer? When I was a sophomore in college, my boyfriend loaned me his record player and some records. Didn't want to move them. That was the summer I learned to love Janis Joplin. Whenever I hear songs "Pearl" album, I am 19 again.


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