Thursday, January 26, 2012

Message Delivery System

         a dream fragment Sunday morning 
                         January 22, 2012

        I am supposedly in Disneyland, but a very strange underworld dream Disneyland that does not include fun fantasy rides, but weird exaggerations of things in everyday life--storefronts, businesses, and curiously dark dwellings.  There are many people on the streets and passageways of this place.  Their spirits seem individually festive, but their is a certain sad sense of chaotic silence in the place.  I accept it as it is.  After all this is a dream.

       My mental state is apprehensive, bordering on frantic and desperate.  I am trying to do something that is not quite clear.  I believe I am trying to sell some goods that I have in my possession.  I am in urgent need of money.  I wander this dark Disneyland with a sense that time is running out for me.

       In my mind I have an awareness that I am in this Disneyland with a group from my church.  We are being paid to do something but I'm not sure what that thing is.  As the dream progresses, my mission becomes more ambiguous, my mental state becomes more lacking in direction, and I am more confused about where I am and what I am supposed to be doing.

        Then I seem to emerge in a somewhat brighter place--perhaps I've gone outdoors now.  I come to a well-known steak house chain location.  Chris, a young pastor from my church is standing at the entrance of the restaurant.  He calmly says to me, "I think we've got a big problem."   He doesn't appear to be angry.

         He explains that the park management is unhappy with what I've been doing while I was supposed to be working for the park. (Now the park is no longer Dream Disneyland but Knott's Berry Farm).   Our church is going to have to return the money the park paid us to do what we were going to do. And now, due to my actions of taking care of my own business on company time we were relinquishing our pay.  The explanation is matter-of-fact, coming across to me with no tone of judgement.

         I am--concerned--I'm not sure exactly what it all means.  And then after I wake up I think I know the meaning of the dream.

          That's as much background as I'll give you.  You tell me if you think this dream is delivering a message.  What is your interpretation of what that message is saying?

         All I can say is that I've been thinking about this dream--this message--all day.  It got me thinking about my life in general. I've been doing a lot more of that lately.   Maybe it has something to do with my impending birthday next week.  I won't say how old, but it's older than I used to be.  But still I do dream.

             And I have miles to go before I sleep.  To sleep, perchance to dream.  Will my journey be long?  Or much shorter than I think?   Time will tell.  Time is bad at keeping secrets.

        ...but that's another post for another day.

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  1. Perhaps a warning that you have too much going on at once and are robbing Peter to pay Paul timewise...or perhaps that you are spending time and energy on things that should be reserved for more important issues? It's a thought jiggler for sure.

  2. Perhaps your view of the Real Disneyland is not the Disneyland you are at the moment. You may be trying to do too much and your vision is "Blurred" because so much is going on. I think the birthday issue may be a concern, I too as everyone else is a year older this year and I don't like the thought of getting older though inside I feel the same as years ago.
    Have a food day.


  3. We don't get older we get wiser!
    Maybe the way you see Disneyland as something dark represents your view on certain things in the world - you don't see everything through rose tinted glasses? The time and money issue I'm not sure about, it could be reminding you of a deadline you have missed? Or maybe you are worrying too much? :)

  4. Sounds like you're wrestling with career path choices, possibly?

  5. That dream is DEFINITELY a "message" to you, rather than just "The Night Doodles".

    I could probably try taking it apart piece by piece and putting some sort of spin on it, but... that sounds time-consuming.

    Incidentally, I can still recall a dream I had years ago that also took place in a very distorted Disneyland, and I remember being underground on a "Pirates Of The Caribbean"-like ride. It was "dark" both literally and figuratively, and the dream was filled with an incredible amount of imagery and symbolism.

    I wrote it down in my Dream Journal and then gave it some very detailed interpretation, which may or may not have been accurate, but I know I felt I'd nailed it pretty well. (As I've told you before, I suspect I have a small talent for dream interpretation that is a little gift from The Lord.)

    Anyway, all these years later, I still remember bits 'n' pieces of that dream and the mood it created in me because it was so vivid - and thus, so obviously a "message" as opposed to "Dream Doodling."

    The whole thing - dream and interpretation - is still in my possession, gathering dust in the garage with my old notebook collection.

    There's certainly plenty to think about in this dream of yours, Boidman!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    Just curious... is there some reason why you have 'Word Verification' activated on THIS blog? Trouble with "spam" here or something?

  6. Delores -- You are thinking along similar lines as I am.

    Yvonne -- I think more and more about my age and how much time I may have left in this world. Not worried mind you, but I just consider the thoughts.

    Anna -- Missed deadlines maybe. And maybe I'm not worrying--or thinking about might be a better term-- as much as I should be.

    Paula -- I have been struggling with career thoughts, but that's not what I get from the dream. I would prefer it be what you said.

    StMc -- So no astute short version of what you think this dream refers to? My explanation of using word verification is stated above the comment box. No spam problems on this blog.


  7. Arlee Bird,

    I think your dream has to deal with the differences in fantasy and reality (Disneyland and the Not-Disneyland locations) I also believe that the payment is for services already given but there seems to be an expectation for you to follow the "rabbit hole" as it were.

    It is interesting that this Dark Disneyland gives you the feeling of a chaotic and garbled direction. In what sense do you think your church is involved in this chaotic and ambiguous experience?

  8. >>...So no astute short version of what you think this dream refers to?

    A "short version"? ME?!
    You know better'n that!

    Well, just off the top of my head, I was automatically leaning toward the very thing YOU already suspect: A question of where you're investing yourself and whether or not that's the wisest use of your time and talent.

    However, if I were to give it some lengthy, DEEP thought, perhaps other interpretations would come to me. But my "right out of the chute" thought seems to coincide with what you and Delores are suspecting. (Hey, I can't ALWAYS be rebelliously original!)

    OK, gotcha on the Word Verification thing. Mine is "equink". I'm waiting for the day I get "Argghhh" or a 4-letter curse word. Wouldn't THAT be fun?!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  9. Listen to some music and relax the mind.

  10. It sounds like you have a lot going on and not enough time to do it in, and you feel like people are depending on you to do it. Doesn't sound like very restful sleep with that dream going on.


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