Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dynamic Flow: The Dream

Art by Ada Z

         On one particular morning I woke up with a complete clarity of mind resulting from an elucidation delivered through a dream message.  A consummate comprehension of money and the workings of wealth had been explained to me.  My confidence concerning my personal economic status swelled as I realized that money would no longer be something that I would have to worry about.

         The concept that was given to me in the dream I intuitively recognized as "Dynamic Flow".  I cannot say if the meaning of this term was verbally explained to me, demonstrated in some way, or something that I just knew.  But I did know the meaning.   Dynamic Flow is the theory that states:  Outward movement of money will result in an incoming flow of money.

          My mental state soared as I believed that an age old secret of wealth had been bestowed upon me.  It was early morning as is the usual case in this stage of my life when I wake up.  Per my custom my first action of the morning was to check the computer.  But before checking through my emails or blog, I immediately opened up a new post window and entered the title "Dynamic Flow".   I then went to the text box and entered:  Dynamic Flow is the theory that states, "Outward movement of money will result in an incoming flow of money."

          As I continued through my morning--eating breakfast, doing morning chores, checking through emails--the essence of the dynamic flow concept stayed with me, but my enthusiasm waned as I no longer understood all that had seemed so clear to me when I first woke up.  And now I have a vague idea about the dream definition of dynamic flow, but it no longer seems so amazing and life changing as it did right after having dreamed it.

         I have had dreams like this on occasion.  I will dream of a concept that seems revelatory and profound, leaving me with a belief or delusion of great life-changing discovery.  Then as my mind becomes distanced from the dream I begin to face reality?  Lose the truth revealed in the dream?  Realize the lie that had been presented to me?  I'm not sure what the answer is, and I suppose it could be any of these depending on the dream.

         The messages of dreams are not always clear nor are they necessarily overtly true.   If dreams are messages from the subconscious mind then the truths may be disclosed by lies of symbolization of dream images that are tangible and intangible representations of things that we know in waking life or they could possibly be misinterpretations that we have made about things in waking life as we have seen or experienced them.   Or are they lies that come from some place or being outside of us?  This would be the most frightening thought.

          Have you ever awoken with thoughts of apparent genius until you thought them through and realized they made no sense?    Have you ever awoken with a brilliant idea that did make sense and you were able to apply in some useful way?   Have you ever had dreams that you believe could have been planted in your mind by some outside evil force?

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  1. I have wakened from a dream with a jolt, exclaimed "that's right!" and then ten minutes later I couldn't tell you what it was all about. That is about as close to your experience as I come.

  2. Lee my dreams never make any sense to me, I have the most perculiar dreams mainly concerning people who have passed on.


  3. Lee, I think the mind operates on more than one level and that the two are very difficult to reconcile when full conscious awareness is 'in place.' Dreams weaken the filtering function that the brain performs so the ideas that came to you in the dreaming state are harder to hold onto as the waking state 'calcifies.'

    In your shoes, I would not entertain the notion that an evil source was whispering in your head as you slept. I'd clear away that fear and remain receptive.

  4. I have a friend who is bright. So I checked out her friends and then simply read their blogs and commented at some. thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Delores -- I have those types of dreams every now and then and it's frustrating when I realize I don't really have the brilliant idea that will change my life or the world.

    Yvonne -- My dreams seem to make sense when I'm dreaming them, but later they usually seem just flat out wacky.

    Suze -- Maybe someday I figure out how to comprehend the clarity that is within my dreams. I hope I never get dream input from the dark side.

    Garry --I often find new blogs in the same way. Good to have met you.


  6. My husband told me that he had a dream that was so enlightening that he woke up and wrote down some very important words from the dream.
    When he got up the next morning, he looked at the paper to find he had written "Yesterday, today, and tomorrow". Profound or not?

  7. I done this too. Sometimes I can't even read what I have written during the night. Other times what I've written seems to make no sense or doesn't seem as deep as it seemed right after the dream.



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