Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Stairway to Lenin" from "The Orchestra"

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           In the future we will look at the topic of surrealism, but today I wanted to share a film by Zbigniew Rybczyński, an award winning Polish  filmmaker who has created some incredible avant garde visions of surrealism.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that "Stairway to Lenin"--an excerpt from a longer work called "The Orchestra"--is available on YouTube so I wanted to share this piece with you here.

            The music is the compelling dreamlike and hypnotic "Bolero" by Maurice Ravel.  The fifteen minutes that this film takes to watch is well worth your time if you appreciate this piece of music, surrealism, unique film vision, or all of the above.  Make sure you enlarge it to full screen for maximum effect.   Unfortunately the resolution is not as clear as it would be on DVD, but you get a good idea of this amazing piece of film making.


   You can find the DVDs of this and other works by Rybczyński at his website Zbig Vision.

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  1. Wonderful and interesting video Lee. I love Bolero as I do other classical music.

    I had a strange dream the other night, I dreamed I was about to go on stage, what instrument I was playing I have no idea....but I was a "Hit" very strange.


  2. Yvonne-- Hmmm, I wonder if the dream has something to do with your new book release. Let's hope it's a hit like in your dream.


  3. I have variations on a recurring theme: we are back living in our old home, and there are all sorts of changes. We apparently left many belongings behind, too.

  4. It's unfortunate the video was pulled. I attempted to view it direct from YouTube but no luck. I only found a one minute-plus shortened version with no sound. However, the visuals were very interesting and dream-like.

  5. Susan -- I have had similar dreams.

    Paula-- I didn't realize that the video had been pulled. It must have been taken off in the last few days since I viewed it again a few days ago. Too bad, but I think there are still some other videos by Rybczynski on YouTube and you can buy his works on DVD.

  6. I just finished watching the entire video. I am speechless. Masterfully done, incredible display to somehow explain the horror of Russia people endured.


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